Ice Dwen dwen: A rock candy panda makes a comeback

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Qiaqian let people queue up for six or seven hours early in the morning to buy in addition to Lingna bel, but also can be ice pier pier.A panda wearing a transparent ice crystal shell and a colorful halo around its head resembling an astronaut has become the latest Chinese Internet sensation as the Winter Olympics begin.Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, has become an unexpected hit since its debut two years ago.In just a few days, he was frequently trending on Weibo, and his every move sparked heated discussion.Since February 4, bing Dwen dwen has been searched more than 100 times on Weibo, among which the topic “Bing Dwen Dwen” has received 4.4 billion views and 1.31 million discussions.In addition, Bing Dwen Dwen also has his own super talk, long ranked NO.1 sports super talk.People queued for six or seven hours from one or two o ‘clock in the morning in temperatures several degrees below zero to buy an ice bucket.According to media reports, almost all offline stores licensed for the Winter Olympics in Beijing are crowded.The Wangfujing store, for example, has received nearly 10,000 customers every day since February 3, and has taken measures to limit traffic and purchase.Even after the dreaded long line, getting one is still like opening a blind box.Bingdendun’s peripheral products mainly include blind boxes, plush toys, ornaments, key pendants, badges, commemorative badges, satchels and so on.Among them, blind boxes, plush toys and ornaments are the most popular. Bingdun blind boxes include 1 hidden type and 6 ordinary types, with the hidden ratio of 120/1. The official price is 118 yuan each.Bing Dun dun decoration pieces are 10cm and 12cm, the price is 88 yuan, 128 yuan respectively.Bingdun Dun plush toys 12cm, 20cm, 22cm three corresponding prices of 118 yuan, 192 yuan, 198 yuan.The tmall Olympic flagship store has already sold out and is now limited to pre-sales every day, with only a few lucky buyers.A “pier” difficult to find leads to the price of the ice pier pier constantly pushed up, to 20cm plush toy spot for example, cattle prices have risen to 1500 yuan, nearly 8 times the premium;Non-spot price 800 yuan, delivery time nearly 20 days.In order to achieve the freedom of Bing Dwen Dwen, so many people are willing to pay for it, even the price of 33,950 yuan Jin Dwen dwen has been booked.Bing Dwen dwen’s fervor also carried to the secondary market.Bing Dun dun IP one of the authorized party wen investment holdings February 7 – February 9 consecutive harvest three daily limit, and Yuan Long yatu from February 7 to February 10 has been maintained “a word daily limit”.Turn back the clock a week and it’s a different story.Some netizens said that they saw many places selling ice last summer in Beijing, but they could not sell out, and even fell to dust.Many people sigh: “there was a big wave of ice dun dun in front of me, I did not cherish, until the loss of regret.”Heat released according to the baidu “baidu search, Beijing Olympics big data”, according to the Beijing Olympics heat search far ahead two Olympic winter games in the same period, sochi compared with respectively 1372% and 558% higher than that of winter Olympics pyeongchang, and more than all previous summer Olympic Games, after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing is higher than heat extension at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021 to 68%.Ice pier pier red, no doubt the Opening of the Winter Olympics brought, but not only that.No one can stand up to Bing Dwen dwen, which presumably started with a snow shaking GIF.Bing Dwen Dwen Shaking Snow this picture is from the symphony performance “Ice Shining Chinese Year” during the special design part of the 2022 WINTER Olympics in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Bing Dwen Dwen shaking snow, Bing Dwen Dwen high-fiving, Bing Dwen Dwen Bi Xin, and Xue Rong Rong Wink are all from this picture.However, Bing Dwen didn’t attract much attention until the day before the opening ceremony, when a GIF of bing Dwen shaking snow started to go viral on Weibo.The static image of the panda infuses soul, making bing Dwen Dwen instantly become clever and cute. People are hit and gradually fall into the sea. Many netizens said, “Even across the screen can be cute, who can refuse a snow shaking ice Dwen Dwen, heart will be melted.”However, Bing Dwen Dwen’s first impression is not “cute”.On September 17, 2019, Bing Dwen Dwen was officially announced to the public, which was evaluated as “ugly beyond the sky” on hupu, Zhihu and other platforms.Netizens joked that it has no neck, arms on the cheek, strange structure, out of proportion.Many people feel that as the mascot of the sport, the movement of the expression is silly, lack of vitality, not smart enough.From the appearance to the popular before more than two years, more people have no sense of Ice Dwen Dwen, do not hate, also do not like.Many people don’t even know it exists until it spreads all over the Internet.Based on this, Bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity seems to have turned into a story of “a panda with no popularity among the public, suddenly realizing the reversal of reputation”.Behind this, frequently mentioned is The Japanese TV reporter Tsujioka Yoido.On February 2, when asked by the host if he had any latest news on Figure skating related to Japan, he answered that he only had the latest information on Bingdwen, and then opened his clothes to show bingdwen’s badge.Nicknamed “Yidundun” for his obsession with Bingdundun, Tsujioka has gone viral on Chinese social media, drawing 540 million views on the hashtag # Nipponreporter Buying Too many Bingdundun badges.”Yidundwen” also updated the following online, such as Bingdwen Dwen periphery mail back to Tokyo, hit Bingdwen Dwen work, success and Bingdwen Dwen “Tietie” the latest news is that he has 100 Bingdwen Dwen.Initially, netizens may still be curious about “Yidundwen” star “, but under his enthusiasm, he found that Bing Dundwen’s surrounding is really cute — badges, ornaments have skiing, skating and other different sports modeling, blind box has a variety of colors of dress, soft toys are not rigid.Previously, all we had seen was a less-than-flattering “ID photo.”As a result, these people and the leader of the fans “Yidun Dwen” together, became the first core fans of Bingdwen Dwen fan circle.Bing Dwen Dwen’s New Year special edition of Japanese journalists’ live collection of various celebrity fans is like an idol talent show. People watching the show have been crazy about Bing Dwen dwen, but many people outside the show are still not familiar with it.The appearance of shaking snow GIF, let bing Dwen dwen really break the circle.As People’s Daily commented, with the popularity of videos such as “Bing Dwen Dwen Carmen” and “Bing Dwen Dwen Shaking snow”, the mascot bing Dwen Dwen has gradually changed from a simple cartoon image to an active one. Instead, it captures interesting scenes and presents products more in line with the audience’s concerns by means of animated films and television.And become an interactive anthropomorphic expression, highlight creative Olympic IP.The suddenness of overnight fame took the factory by surprise.Because “I didn’t expect to be so popular, I didn’t dare to produce too much before”, bingdendun’s scarcity further exacerbated its popularity.The public began to participate in creating topics, creating emoticons, playing memes, creating two ice cubes, and drying ice cubes.All things can ice Dun dun, all things in the ice Dun dun dun, ice Dun dun hot search surge, exposure effect to further strengthen ice Dun dun dun cute set, improve people’s good impression of ice Dun Dun dun.Since February 4, Bing Dwen Dwen has received more than 10 hot searches on weibo.On February 11 alone, Bing Dwen dwen’s top trending topics on weibo reached 34.Traffic stars live up to their name.How long will the fire?Compared with live-action stars, virtual characters don’t collapse, they never collapse, they don’t act out of line, and they don’t get bored with their fans.Disneyland has very strict requirements on the height and appearance of the actors, and it is stipulated that the dummy characters who do not show their faces are not allowed to speak, not to take off their heads, not to do anything contrary to the image of the cartoon characters, even if they are pushed or beaten.A video of Bing Dwen Dwen speaking, in which bing Dwen Dwen makes a middle-aged man’s voice, has caused a lot of disgust among his fans.After the Beijing 2022 official said bing Dwen Dwen’s statement was false, the public opinion gradually subsided.A similar thing happened in the scene of “Yidundwen” star chase, he once caught ice Dwen Dwen off work, and a look of despair.On Tiktok, there was a discussion about how good the actor looks.From the fans’ point of view, all of these actions are harmful to Bing Dwen dwen’s lovable character.In addition to guarding the equipment, how to maintain the heat of the long tail is also the problem that Bing Dwen Dwen needs to solve next.The design of mascots for the Winter Olympic Games began in 1968 for the 10th Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble.The design of mascots for the Summer Games began in Munich in 1972.Mascots have since become a major component of the image of the Olympic Games.The unveiling of the mascots of each Olympic Games attracts the attention of the world and becomes the highlight of the Games.As an important element of Olympic publicity, the mascot is one of the most exposed, watched and spread IP in the world.Based on a world sporting event, an IP image can quickly become known around the world.Bing Dwen Dwen has also attracted a lot of attention on foreign social media.Moreover, the mascots are of great economic value, accounting for about 10 percent of the total revenue of the Games.The mascots for every Summer Olympics since the beginning of the 21st century have brought in at least $200 million for organizers.Franchises such as the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2004 Athens Olympics generated $213 million and $201 million in merchandise sales.Previously, Shanxi Securities had predicted that the revenue of licensed commodities represented by Bingdoundwen in Beijing 2022 would exceed 2.5 billion yuan.However, looking back at the previous Olympic Games, almost all the mascots could not escape the fate of obsoleted after the Olympic Games, most of which were the result of the subsequent IP development failure.Will Bing Dwen Dwen be an exception?For now, at least, boCOG is trying to diversify its IP operations.Bing Dwen Dwen, Xue Rong Rong and Xiong Da, Xiong Er and Skinhead are among the characters featured in a poster and trailer for the animated film “Our Winter Olympics” released by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee on February 10.The film, which tells a multi-chapter story about unity, dream, courage and hard work when Chinese characters meet bing Dwen dwen, the mascots of the Winter Olympics, and Xue Rongrong, the mascots of the Winter Paralympics, at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic village, will be released on February 19.From February 18 to 20, the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) will present the children’s musical “Bingdwen Dwen Xue Rong Rong’s Dream of Ice and Snow”, which is officially licensed by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games.Professor Cao Xue, who is in charge of the design team, said in an interview that the target consumers of Bingdandong are children around the age of nine.As it turned out, the cute fat man captured people of all ages, which sent a signal to the IP operators that the development of Bing Dwen Dwen can be a lot of possibilities.And the immediate task of the moment, or as soon as possible to achieve the “one pier” bar.(Credit: 36 Krypton)