China’s gold medal table fourth!7 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze record, the opponent took the initiative to give up Qi Guangpu roar to celebrate

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Qi Guangpu of China won the men’s aerials freestyle skiing event at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 16, Beijing time.Qi Guangpu won the gold medal with a crushing momentum. So far, The Chinese aerials team has won two gold MEDALS and one silver. Xu Mengtao won the gold medal in women’s freestyle skiing aerials.Qi Guangpu won the gold medal in men’s freestyle skiing air skills. He was 12.5 points higher than the second place. He even let the last opponent give up and chose to reduce the difficulty, just to keep the medal and not compete for the gold medal with Qi Guangpu.Aerials team is worthy of being the champion of our team. There are three events in total. So far, we have won the silver medal in the team event and the gold medal in the two events.The surprise continued after the seventh gold medal, but for the 32-year-old Qi Guangpu, his champion is really strength, in an absolute sense of strength.In the final, everyone was on the difficulty, all in the fight 5.0 movement, 5.0 is the world’s most difficult movement, but only one person stood firm, is Qi Guangpu.The 32-year-old stood up and scored a whopping 129 points, topping all of his opponents, while the four remaining opponents who dared to challenge the 5.0 difficulty level all made major errors – they all landed on their knees or made contact with the snow – and thus scored no more than 120 points.The only one not challenge the 5.0 movement, choose the difficulty of 4.9 is the Russian Olympic committee rebrov, he was the last one, the difficulty of playing before was 4.9, the results and their drop down to 4.525 difficulty, he just want to firmly hold a medal, don’t want to rush the gold medal, because China’s score is too high.Ultimately successful landing six contestants 2 people, four have made a mistake, so just be born can get MEDALS, so finally the broad simply to a 4.4 the difficulty, I keep a medal is enough, I also don’t argue with your Chinese, I admit that you are too strong, I true gold is your, I confirmed for silver copper is not?In the end, as expected, Qi Guangpu did not let everyone down, directly won the championship, qi Guangpu was very excited after the championship, he wrapped himself in the national flag and embraced his field coach, then looked up to the sky and stood on the field, very touching.This scene is really moving, this is the best reward for qi Guangpu’s many years of efforts.He was so much better than all his rivals that there was nothing to say and no one would disagree with him.When Jia Zongyang gave him applause, but also let a lot of people very moved, after all, he is actually the four dynasty veteran, he is like Qi Guangpu, are four years of war, only one step away from the dream.But we said now Jia zongyang is still very happy to applaud his teammates, this is our Chinese teammates, they will always support their teammates.And with the gold medal, The Chinese delegation officially rose to the fourth place in the total gold medal table, with seven golds, four silvers and two bronzes, just behind Norway, Germany and the United States.