After the Spring Festival event, honor of Kings will be released in February without the limitation of 3 models, and there will be a skin encore

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During the Spring Festival, the king not only launched five limited skins for the Year of the Tiger, but also released a new glory crystal skin.Together with Rumeng Ling double skin return, it can be said that emptied the player’s wallet.However, that’s not the end of the story. Check out the upcoming limited skins!Every year, after The Spring Festival, the valentine’s Day skin will be online.Based on last year’s Valentine’s Day restrictions, the tradition is likely to continue this year.A legend limited skin and an epic limited skin, although both legends are not out of the question.Compare the previous couples skin, whether limited or direct sale.Specific is double epic qualities, or epic + legend qualities!But that rule was broken last year.Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu’s 520 skin, can be legendary quality!From the early grand Saint’s Wedding & love of life, farewell my Concubine and dream ling double epic, gradually become an epic and legend.This was the case, for example, in last year’s tacit encounter.This year’s Valentine’s Day limit, it is said to the cloud jun & Yao.But compared with the high heat yao, yun Jun is very likely to be epic, Yaoyao princess is certainly a legend of quality!Every year after the Spring Festival, there will be a limited skin.What return last year is dry general “frost love dance music” forecast this year big probability return this several skins Zhao Yun: the heart of engine although this skin has returned twice, can accompany optimization also have hope return.It has been almost three years since the second encore in 19 years.There are some skins that do return three times, so there is nothing wrong with this situation!The various ge is bright: wu Ling xian Jun has been the voice very high wu Ling xian Jun, the Spring Festival was like a dream to run out.Maybe because it does not affect the sales of the collection, so there is no encore.It has been a long time since October of nineteen nineteen.Luna: The love of my life & The Wedding of the Great Saint (monkey) Although it is a couple’s skin, but the wedding of the great Saint returned alone, the love of my life did not.Is also a few years ago the old skin, has not come back!Monkey’s wedding is also a little bit possible, after all, son Sun Wukong’s skin is not little, but recently did not return ha!Is the flower married encore?It is a very popular skin for lovers.In fact, since the release of this pair of skin in 2016, in 2016, 17, 18 has been three times return!It is not possible to re-sell the returns. it has been explicitly raffled and the last returnin 18 years was also raffled.Spring Festival just passed, the player’s purse has been used almost!Considering sales, it is impossible to draw an encore at this time.Large probability will be in 520 this year for the return lottery compared to last year’s Phoenix and Phoenix fly, even if the return will be about three times higher than the price can be obtained.There should be a bottom guarantee mechanism, so do not worry too much!Finally, there’s a Valentine’s Day double skin, an encore skin, and a Winter Olympics skin.Everyone knows ne Zha, so I won’t say more.The skin is more out more, like collection do not miss.Civilian players should still do what they can and buy what they like, otherwise they will spend their money for nothing.This period of content is here, like a point of attention!