The “smart restaurant” for the Winter Olympics has become popular overseas

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Recently, the Smart restaurant of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has become popular.Even jumped into the media reporters at home and abroad net red attractions must hit the card.There is no shortage of high-tech products in China, and the technology in Europe and America is not weak either. What else is new for foreign journalists to take out their mobile phones and snap photos of?Beijing as a double Olympic city, noodles must be full.Let’s “visit” the winter Olympic village restaurant.Media people at home and abroad reported in an endless stream, of course, the environment and delicious food is on the one hand, the most attractive or, here the “chef” are robots…One of the main designers of the smart restaurant is Yan Weixin, PhD director and associate researcher of the Robotics Institute of The School of Mechanical and Power Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.He has been developing Chinese cooking robots for 15 years and has developed more than 60 food service robots.Look at the row of rotating large POTS, which are “cooking robots”. Their cooking skills come from Chinese cooking masters, just like their “apprentics”.By learning the cooking ingredients, stove actions and heat control of the “masters”, and then by the programmer to standardize the code input into the robot’s program, the robot will be able to meticulously input these delicious dishes.And the taste, heat, color and color of dishes are basically very close to the masters of the craft, not to say the color, smell and taste, but at least let you see the appetite, can not help but want to taste ~ the most important is, because it is the use of program control, every step of the robot will not make mistakes, will not feel tired.In other words, no matter how many times you eat it, the color and texture of the dish will remain the same, and you won’t have to fry it bland one time and salty the next. This is a “machine”!In addition to the stir-frying robot, there are intelligent baozaifan robot.When you order your meal, the robot places the pre-prepared casserole into the stove and begins to cook.During the opening, refueling, feeding and other operation links are automatically completed by the mechanical arm, without human participation in the whole process, preserved rice pot, mushroom smooth chicken pot, black bean ribs pot fan…Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!More pleasantly surprised is, there are wonton, dumplings robot!The “Smart Restaurant” in the main media Center of the Beijing Winter Olympics has a western-style robot chef capable of cooking up burgers, spaghetti bolognese and other western-style dishes.For example, a hamburger robot that can make a delicious hamburger in 20 seconds is controlled by a mechanical arm and assisted by other manipulators. From making to packing, the efficiency is tremendous!There is also a robot arm that can operate several fryers of chips, chicken nuggets robot……It takes a long time to get to the restaurant, but here, even if more than one person orders at the same time, you can also get out of the pot. All you need to do is sit at the table, scan the code and order. When you are finished, you can go to the window and get it yourself.You can also sit at your table and wait for your meal to be delivered by a robot on a cloud track.It will identify your location intelligently, and optimize the route to the shortest time, and then put down the cable, like “elevator” from the air slowly down, and finally to your hands to the food, really heaven food!And when you’re full, you can have ice cream for dessert.Or try a hand-brewed cup of coffee made for you on the spot by a robotic barista.There’s even a bartending robot so you can have a drink or two after dinner.Although it is just a mechanical arm, it can imitate the techniques of advanced bartenders. Various base wines and accessories can be quickly switched and shaken together without spilling during the whole process.The cocktail is beautiful and attractive. Before and after dinner, who could refuse such a “beautiful girl” who just looks at it makes people feel happy?If there is, it must be a cup of ~ have to say, the use of advanced intelligent robot replace volunteers, Beijing Olympic main media center of the restaurant “wisdom” is really worthy of the name “wisdom”, not only foreign friends to call melody “, “goose sister ~ even as small make up of the Chinese people are surprised ~ especially under the current outbreak,It can also reduce contact and cross infection, which not only reflects China’s great attention to this global sports event, but also a concentrated display of China’s scientific and technological innovation achievements. It’s really great!And that’s just part of the high tech of the Games.Next, let’s look forward to the wonderful performances of athletes at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, which will be even more exciting!Retweets are the biggest encouragement!Thank you for your support!Tips advanced family bucket: contains 18 classic books, past electrician exams, electrician necessary training simulation software, electrical automation industry of various types of technical manuals!