The meaning of life is to elevate the level of life

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Life has three realms, divided into three life levels, the first level is the bottom: the pursuit of fame and wealth, the second level: know the destiny, the third level: enlightenment awakening.As Chinese people’s descendants, we are the most proud, because life is rare, hard to find the middle earth, our piece of central Plains is the birthplace of the highest human civilization, from the overall point of view belongs to the most central area, so called central Plains, China.This is the balance of everything, which means the most harmonious, so we Chinese hold the highest wisdom, which is the truth of the universe.The ultimate meaning of life is awakening, especially our Chinese nation, is the most suitable for cultivation and awakening of the nation, as early as six or seven thousand years ago, our ancestors discovered the truth of the universe life and handed down to the present day.Why was China able to control the epidemic with the largest and most concentrated population?Why can’t so many developed countries do so well?This is the most fundamental difference, the difference in cultural background, which also shows that money and materials alone are not enough at the critical moment. Only under the fundamental guidance of cultural thoughts can the economy give full play to its maximum value.But due to the reform and opening up, in recent decades, influenced by western values we go wide, blindly pursue fame and wealth while ignoring the thought connotation, until now, its reaction has been in our life more and more prominent, the divorce rate is high, fertility decline year by year, people abducted by high-tech, loss of morality,Emptiness, anxiety, confusion, insecurity, human indifference, coupled with all kinds of natural and man-made disasters, people’s happiness is extremely low.All of these phenomena are god’s reminder that we wake up from our mistakes, blindly pursuing fame and wealth is a road in the opposite direction, a road with no way out, a painful road.The operation of the universe is according to certain direction, we call it positive, and vice is adverse or negative, so we need according to the forward by human behavior, to conform to the heaven, won’t appear a backlash, if anyone make us feel painful, is counterproductive and that we should be FanQiuZhuJi correction can release myself.That’s why we have to have good thoughts, good thoughts are just thoughts, and the energy generated by them is aligned with the direction in which the universe is moving, and we experience joy and happiness.Each of us is a small universe, and our inner self is the embodiment of the Way of Heaven. Therefore, we should not do things against our self. For example, we should force ourselves to do things we are not really willing to do, just for money.If you’re always having a hard time in an industry and there’s a lot of adversity, it’s a reminder that it’s not your job to do it. You need to ask yourself what you’re passionate about, what you do that makes you feel good about yourself and doesn’t get tired. That’s your destiny, or your destiny, because everyone has a gift.Why so many people work now do not feel happy, have all sorts of body and mind all exhausted only, because oneself force to be doing things namely, have to but the thing that is, disobey oneself cannot day help, cannot syncretic of mind, so tired.Marriage is the same, first of all, the starting point should be correct, marriage means responsibility and pay, at the same time, the use of marriage to improve themselves, if the beginning is selfish for the purpose, then the beginning is the result, bring is the reaction.We should pay attention to our Chinese culture again, because all the truth has been given to us, but it has not been paid attention to. It is a pity, and we can live a better and happier life.If a person lives in the bottom, it’s a little sense, why life is rare, because the opportunity of life is extremely slim, only to have common animals do not have the consciousness of thinking to improve life latitude, so very not easy to be a must seize the opportunity to improve the level before we can enter a higher dimension of life.It is difficult to seek truth from middle Earth because being Chinese is a unique condition that is more conducive to ascension.If you don’t make the best use of this life, it’s a waste of one of your most precious resources, and the chances of getting it back are slim to none.