The latest hero leaderboard and strength analysis of Tavern Flag

2022-05-19 0 By

HSreplay has released a new ranking of the strength of tavern battle heroes from the top 1% of players, so let’s take a look.HS Strength ranking: Compared to the previous days of strength hero win rate, most heroes rank relatively stable.Some heroes (such as the pyramid) have too little data in the environment for the player to choose, so the ranking of heroes is not an accurate reference.The new version of the tavern flag environment analysis environment acceleration due to the temporary removal of armor mechanism and the new buddy mechanism, so the overall matchup speed is much faster.The current version due to the tavern attendant did not change, the overall is still a strong two weak four strong situation, a flow of four is still the current more suitable choice.Second and third heroes have most of their abilities and Allies in real-time combat, so it’s easy to rely on a stream to recharge your partner quickly in the early stages, creating a snowball effect.Update old hero turnaround partner system also causes many unwanted hero before now become a popular choice more representative is: 1, the mill, the new version one of the popular choice, due to the acceleration of environment, most of the station attendant was not particularly unusual, and mill, golden partner with raven, parrot wu often can blow up the whole language system.Illidan’s hero skill was mentioned most in the previous version because of the first mover advantage. In this version, the added immunity makes Illidan strong in the middle and early stage. In the late stage, illidan will stabilize four more attack frequency with shield poison.3, curator of the director in this version, as long as can select appropriate BUFF race, one more followers to safeguard themselves early to early effective fast get partners can cooperate with a variety of system of BUFF, bronze mustache case accounted, light teeth, down the beast, the dragon can be applicable, at present there are five pirates by Tony gold play multiple partners.4. Before the lich buddy mechanism was updated, the biggest problem with the lich as a hero selling health for economy was that the economy could not guarantee 100% of its health.New partners out after the direct equivalent of the early version of the little green plus two Kings effect.You can quickly develop 2-3 large minions in 8 or 9 yuan rounds by combining your skills and minions.Note that minions will be immune to damage and increase the size of their partners. minions will not increase the size of their partner if there are 3 immunity monsters and their partner in play.Mismatching heroes representing 1, Tess and dao oil oil as before update 0 armor strong hero, in the updated surprised many people’s partners to 4 star, very slow, on one hand, and because the partner is the mechanism, to steal (and need to at the beginning of round, partners all round not directly effect), the partners themselves without any race,A lot of times can not improve the actual combat force.Tess had the same problem, the stolen minions did not guarantee a steady blood count.When the trailer was first released, people thought it was a monster with gold points per turn, but later the designer explained that it was a temporary gold point in the battle turn and then felt a little weak.The current popular play is to get a partner and put resources like the mother on the far right of the fourth queen, as well as permanent gold with Tellegosa, skills can be left to the five core minions.3. Master Ruan is a new hero before the patch, which is interesting and strong. However, compared with other heroes, the turn of acquiring a partner in the new version does not take effect directly, and three or four skills are not practical when the number of skill options increases.Summary of the current tavern environment, a stream of four is still the choice of most early strong heroes, many of the bureau some early weak heroes can not live to get the second round of the two partners.After the update, most matches have the feeling of being speed-up, now there are many strong partner heroes in the early stage, it is easy to have a clear battle power gap with others in 7 or 8 rounds.With more environment data, things like armor mechanics and tavern minions will definitely be on the agenda, and many heroes will be able to play more flexibly with armor.For the current version of some of the strong heroes you can also experience more, and welcome to share their own experience and feelings of the tavern flag in the past few days.