Ma3 jia2 wen: her body wears ma3 jia3 too beautiful, milk group son bully spirit side leak: “forbid dozen my mother close idea!”

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# fiction # Today xiaofan to recommend to everyone is majia article: she is too beautiful, milk ball domineer side leakage :” don’t hit my mother’s idea!””Devil double treasure: lady, your ma3 jia3 dropped” novel introduction: everyone says grass bag nan Yun looks ugly, water is beautiful, out of wedlock, thunder split and died.But after five years of bai Gu Ting Ting Lord Nan Yun sigh, qing Qing, superior ability, stir chang Bangguo chaos, but also to swallow the south gate, is revenge for nan Yun.Just as she was about to wave her sleeve away, it was caught by a small doll.Wonderful content: “Brother Situ, really ashamed, this year specially prepared a good gift for brother, as an apology.””Good good good, that I wait to appreciate your good gift!”Two people greet a few words, Tu Sheng and ning not fan already off the ship, the south cloud sigh with the road after shaking the door disciples, hidden whereabouts.”Master of Stu Island!Tu Shengning not fanqi voice way.Stuart nodded. “Master Tu, Master Ning, safe and sound!Since you are tired from your journey, you will go with me to the Chateau of the Broken Moon. I have sent rooms for you!””Thanks a lot!South town and other leaders only with some close disciples as Stubleden went to the broken month zhuang, as for the others, was arranged in the broken month zhuang outside the town of the inn, two people a, south yun sigh and a thin man divided together.”Why have I never seen you before?Are you new to the mountain?””Right, the new mountain, dare to ask this elder brother your name?”South cloud sighed smiled, the appearance is gentle, also let a person feel close to a few minutes.The thin man bowed and bowed, “My name is Rongyun, and you?””Cloud sigh.””Cloud sigh?That’s a good name. It’s late. Rest!””Good.”South cloud sigh go to bed, yu Guang attention rongyun, take him to sleep, quietly change night clothes, left the room.”Dear, this broken moon village looked very big, where is the location of the treasure pavilion?”Nannianzhi in the bag with a voice said.South cloud sigh looked around an eye, “indeed, want to find the position of hide treasure pavilion is not easy.””Hey, do you think we can see the famous King Chun?””Xianggong please cover your ma3 jia3” novel introduction: after crossing through, inspirational small embroider niang Jiang Ying hedge discovers oneself much a perfect xiang4, go up the hill cook catch fish touch shrimp, do what what can, still from time to time a word is not open lift?Jiang Ying hedge N times dark stamp stamp of the imagination autumn mu cloud boutique strong man upper body appearance, that scene, simply burst to blush, so in a moonlight thin micro night, Jiang Ying hedge secretly climb windowsill….Interesting content: With this sum of money, she wants to leave here, it will be easier, the next plan, the future plan.At the thought of a way out, The smile on the face of Jiang Yingli can not keep out, straight smile to the bottom of the eyes.”Oh, the little girl is so happy every day.”By chance, Jiang Yingli met MAO Already on her way home, still as before, only MAO already alone.”After all, there is a blessing.”Jiang Yingli suddenly remembered.Since last time, their own things seem to be a lot of smooth, but in the final analysis, or to thank the MAO has extended a helping hand.’Well, I went into town today and bought you some clothes, and these cakes and meat.’Jiang Yingli handed the whole basket to MAO. “I have never thanked you formally for what I did last time.I wanted to invite you to my home for dinner, but Qiu Muyun said you were not willing.Therefore, I can only express my thanks in advance.””These things are too good for me to use.Keep it for yourself, or give it to your husband.””Hey, why don’t I just discount you?What do you like to buy?You don’t have to worry about him. He’s always there.”Jiang Yingli felt that maybe these things were not enough, so he did not hesitate to take out a bag of silver and put it in his hands.This makes the bases already more flattered, see push refused, it is jiang Yingli’s hospitality is difficult.”Against heaven lovely baby: mother, your ma3 jia4 dropped again” novel introduction: her body wears ma3 jia4 too beautiful, milk group son bully gas side leak :” forbid dozen my mother’s idea!”She was tricked by her family and thrown into a mountain stream when she was pregnant and about to come to term.But to my surprise, she didn’t die!Also became a zetian mainland resounding king of popularity!What?She was the first caster?Or the man behind the floating and sinking tower?Or that person’s pet!?Oh, my god, my god, take my knee!Wonderful content: words down, full treasure head is full of helplessness.What is this?He has no feelings with Shen Yuyuan.Just bandaged the wound, as to the body promised?Tao knows meaning eye bead a turn, the vision falls on full treasure body, rush step to come over a hug full treasure: “I say this childe, I already was the person that had the child, in other words, I also have husband gentleman, you so open and aboveboard of poach foot, be can be met by the crowd out of.”After hearing that.Shen Yuyuan action, serious thinking up.”Yes, you’re right.””Right, so we’re going to…”Keep your distance.Words have not finished, was Shen Yuyuan directly interrupted: “you say good, sister, poachers can not be so abovboard, cautious poachers just right.”?????What’s going on?Is it normal for the First College to admit one person this year?Did he not understand the meaning of what she was saying?Full treasure also like Tao knows meaning, leng in situ.What is this?A bully with a bow?But……That’s not how it’s described!Mother and son were ready to cry.Shen Yuyuan reaction: “yes, pottery girl you said right, is under too want to meet with the girl, will make such rash things, after all, you also have children, so open and abovboard is not good, you and wait, I will arrange all, absolutely will not let pottery girl feel embarrassed!”After saying this, Shen Yuyuan took Shen Zhiwei left.Leave full treasure with tao know meaning in place in a daze.The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.