Dongli District, Tianjin: Qingming Festival heroes send condolences on the cloud

2022-05-19 0 By

Tomb-sweeping Day is an important season to remember our ancestors and express our grief.On April 1, the Youth League committee of Dongli District organized an online education on the theme of “Qingming Festival to send condolences to heroes on the cloud”.The cloud narrator to lead our youth in the form of online live visit dong li revolutionary martyr memorial hall, under the correct leadership of the communist party of China are introduced, toray this piece has a glorious revolutionary history of traditional land, more than one hundred revolutionary martyrs courageously, fighting, compose epic saga with life.The vast number of young people through online memorial to the martyrs, writing views, drawing hand-copied newspapers and other ways to express their grief, pay tribute to the memory, express the grand aspirations and heroic aspirations of the rejuvenation of China.