Do you know how to use these buttons on the car air conditioner

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Air conditioning has not only become a household necessities, but also become one of the most basic configurations of a car.Many people will say that everyone can use air conditioning, as long as the choice of cold or warm air after opening, and then adjust the air volume can be.But do you really know what those special buttons on your car’s air conditioner do?So, today, let’s find out the secrets of car air conditioning.A/C button A/C button is the switch of the air conditioner compressor. Only when the compressor is opened, the air conditioner has the refrigeration capacity. Otherwise, the natural wind blowing in the car is only the external wind, which can not meet the refrigeration needs of the passengers in the car in summer.MAX A/C this function only appears on some automatic air conditioning models. After pressing MAX, the air conditioner compressor and wind machine adopt the maximum output to reach the set temperature as soon as possible.After MAX function is started, the air conditioner in the car will run at full load, and the fan will have the maximum air volume, which will be noisy. However, this function is very practical for the car users who need to get a comfortable temperature as soon as possible after starting.Internal cycle & external cycle some cars will be equipped with internal cycle and external cycle two keys (there are also dial rod type), equipped with two keys of the model, the key light is the corresponding mode, only equipped with internal cycle button, internal cycle light for internal cycle mode, otherwise for external cycle mode.Inner loop and outer loop is refers to the in-car air flow channel, when the state of inner loop, the air inside the car was out of the exchange with the outside world, although this is beneficial to stable temperature inside the car, but for a long time to keep this state will appear in-car air oxygen content is low, air pollution, crew easy tired, does not favor the occupant health and safety.The external circulation function introduces some fresh air from the outside, but it needs to be noted that in places with poor air quality, opening the external circulation of the vehicle may reduce the air quality inside the vehicle, so opening the external circulation is still to select a place with reasonable air quality.Zonal temperature control and synchronous temperature control part of the high-configuration models have zonal temperature control function, which means that the temperature can be adjusted by region.Take the dual-zone temperature control model as an example, it can be divided into the left and right areas to control the temperature respectively. The “SYNC” button can control the opening and closing of the partition operation, the partition start, and the car temperature is controlled by region.Manual air conditioning is all synchronous control, can not be divided to adjust the temperature.AUTO button AUTO means AUTO. When you turn on this function, the air conditioner in the car will automatically adjust the wind speed according to the preset temperature.For example, it is more appropriate to set 20 degrees in the car in advance. If the temperature in the car is higher than the set temperature, the system will automatically adjust to the maximum wind speed for rapid cooling. If the temperature in the car is reduced to the set temperature for a while, the air conditioner will automatically reduce the wind speed.In short, AUTO is a function of constant temperature control, without manual frequent adjustment of wind speed.Now life, more and more inseparable from air conditioning, in the hot summer, after starting the vehicle, everyone’s first habit is to adjust the air conditioning, seemingly simple air conditioning, in fact, there are a lot of places to pay attention to, understand the air conditioning system of the vehicle you often drive, can make you drive more relaxed.