The residents of the first floor of baoshan residential building took the initiative to install the elevator and finally achieved the “first”.

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“Before go upstairs even climb with pant, calf acid bilge, now as long as press the elevator, a few seconds to the door!”Recently, baoshan District, Yuenpu town yuenfudi 27, 37 residents ushered in the long-awaited “New Year gift” — the installation of the elevator officially put into use.Last year, in order to solve the outstanding travel problem of “hanging elderly”, the General Party branch of Qingan Fourth village in Yuepu town focused on the needs of residents to install elevators, in order to improve the living environment of residents and enhance the quality of life of residents.It is understood that qingan four village residential committee has four residential areas in the area under its jurisdiction, all for commercial housing residential areas, a total of 1,810 households.Among them, 552 households in Xinyuefudi residential area live in multi-storey buildings. The residents of the residential area include staff of construction units, local residents and people from other places to Shanghai, which brings many challenges to the installation of elevators.Old room installs elevator, the biggest difficulty is to do dweller’s thought work.Among them, “low-rise residents’ opinions are not unified” is one of the most common problems encountered, and the elevator installation project of Building 37 and 27 of Xinyuefu Mansion is no exception.Low-rise residents claim that they have no need for elevators, and that the installation of elevators will bring problems such as ventilation, lighting and noise.To this end, the general branch of the party in residential areas built a platform, gather consensus, actively coordinate every resident in the building, organize residents to communicate face to face, timely comb the list of questions raised, hold a joint meeting to discuss problems.In view of the area of each building, the number of households, the age structure of the masses, etc., Qingan Village four will actively hold a meeting of building leaders, invite the neighborhood committee, industry committee, property companies to participate in the first time to convey the analysis of the elevator installation policy, on how to do this work.In the face of the questions commonly raised by residents, such as how to go the installation process, whether lighting and ventilation have an impact, how to calculate the floor price, etc., Qing-an Village four compiled a “menu” elevator catalogue to answer in detail, dispelling the doubts of residents and laying a solid foundation for promoting the elevator.At the same time, community party secretary Wu Yuping also found 37 Wang Minzhen aunt.Aunt Wang is a party member and the head of the building.In the process of communicating with her in the community, Wang Auntie volunteered: “As a party member, I should play a leading role in promoting the installation of the elevator.”Therefore, in the detailed understanding of the ladder policy, based on the understanding of each household situation, Aunt Wang took the initiative to come to the door, a household to do ideological work.The residents upstairs saw that Aunt Wang on the first floor was so sincere and helped with the work.Neighbors from strange to familiar, gradually untie the knot.In the end, Building 37 became the first building in the neighborhood where 100 percent of the 12 owners agreed to install elevators.New Year’s eve, add the elevator officially put into use, Mr. Wang residents particularly happy.He said that his mother is 84 years old and has just undergone a joint operation. When there is no elevator, she can only rely on her family to carry her downstairs to the hospital for re-examination, and usually does not go out.Now, with the elevator, the mother’s dilemma was solved.They have taken their mother out several times during the Spring Festival.Later, whenever the weather was good, they would take her downstairs in a wheelchair to bask in the sun, which was very convenient.Qingan four village party general branch hopes to play a leading role in the demonstration through the first batch of elevator installation, so as to achieve “a mature, install a”, continue to promote the installation of the elevator this people’s project, as soon as possible for more people in need to solve the trouble up and down the floor.At the same time, the relevant functional departments of the town will also make use of the smart city model to establish a sound elevator maintenance system and solve the management and maintenance problems after the installation of elevators.Source: Baoshan, Shanghai