The Xilin Gol League Fire rescue Detachment actively participated in the “Northern Xinjiang Blue Light” fire rescue practice exercise

2022-05-18 0 By

A fire rescue detachment of Xilin Gol League (XILIN Gol League) conducts a drill on February 3 to prepare for fire rescue during the Spring Festival and the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to effectively improve its rapid response capacity to various disasters.A total of 80 fire and rescue personnel, 23 duty vehicles and more than 900 sets of rescue equipment and support materials participated in the drill.At 11:00 a.m., the drill began on time. Wang Fuquan, detachment commander, reported to the commander in chief the situation of the drill force assembly and waited for the instructions of the corps.When 15 points, 11 Li Junfeng drill chief announced officially began, detachment combined with the region to undertake tasks and major types of disasters and accidents, orderly carried out under the condition of cold equipment performance test, illustrates the ice rescue, large-scale machinery set up relief channel, rescue trapped vehicles and the masses, boiler car services such as equipment thawing course.After the drill, Wang Fuquan made a summary and comments: the drill, the detachment participated in the fire rescue personnel can overcome the adverse factors of cold weather, strictly in accordance with the drill procedures, methodically completed the drill subjects, showing the good spirit of not afraid of difficulties, overcome difficulties.Through the exercise, the disaster emergency response and on-site disposal efficiency were further consolidated and improved, and the actual combat ability of the professional team for low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disaster was tested.In the next step, the Detachment will focus on actual combat needs and aim to win, constantly improve the rescue and disposal capabilities of various disasters, promote the rapid transformation and upgrading of the detachment, and better fulfill the responsibilities and missions of the “main force of the National Team”.Source: Ximeng Fire Department