New car | faw Volkswagen new soar team 1.5 T real vehicle exposure, is expected to be announced in April

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Article: Understand car emperor original Gao Shuaipeng [understand car emperor original product] as faW-Volkswagen this year one of the new pound new cars – new Sagitar 1.5T power model in the network exposure recently.The car is powered by the all-new EA211 1.5T EVO engine, which officials previously said is Volkswagen’s first in the Asia-pacific region. The new Sagitar has a maximum power of 118 kW.From what we’ve heard, the new Sagitar is expected to hit the market in April.The new Sagitar 1.5T front face design and previously released 280TSI models are basically the same with the new IQ.LIGHT LED headlights as early as last November, the new Sagitar 280TSI has been officially released in China, and this exposure of 1.5T models is the first time to appear.The appearance of the new car is basically consistent with that of the previous models. The new car is further divided into upper and lower parts of the front grille after adding a new penetrating chrome trim, and the interior of the grille is filled with chrome dot matrix details.As early as last May, this EA211 1.5T EVO engine has been rolled off the domestic production line. The coolant expansion pot shape has been adjusted compared with the 1.4T engine. The cash engine is sold in the 1.4T engine cabin of The Proton 280TSI model at the same time,From the exposure of the 1.5T new Sagitar engine compartment, the external structure of the engine is more compact, the air filter position and intake pipe direction are also different from the cash 1.4T engine.At the same time, the coolant expansion pot is adjusted from round to irregular shape.Based on the current information, the maximum power of this 1.5T engine is 118 kW. By comparison, the maximum power of the cash Sagitar 1.2T and 1.4T engines is 85 kW and 110 kW respectively.(Source:Automotive marketing analysis) Sagitar is known as Jetta in the overseas market, from the fifth generation of Jetta (the fourth generation is called Bora), its domestic model Chinese name has been determined as sagitar new Sagitar car the first change lies in a new suspension type multimedia display screen, the screen size of 12 inches before,We have for the new 280 tsi soar team makes a detailed interpretation of static on the vehicle exterior/interior design highlights, configuration level, intergenerational relations, market environment, such as more content, welcome to click on the title to see: new car | family before the face of style reproduction, faw Volkswagen new soar team official release