Life lessons

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Be a man, don’t look at people low dog!A dog’s eyes are low because he is not a human being. It is his vision that makes him look tall and small.And the reason why the human pattern is big, it is a broad vision, broad-minded.Although there are different kinds of human beings, all beings have dignity and are equal.So, don’t be too snobbish.Flowers eventually have flowers fall, arrogant and what?The poor will rise, and the rich will fall.Perhaps beggars have relatives of emperors, who can not judge who wins.To be modest and low-key, must be kind, do not look at people low dog, thirty years river east, thirty years river west, life left a line, good meet in the future.The man you despise today may well be the god you flatter tomorrow.Because this society does not belong to anyone, see the rich, do not envy, do not deliberately to marry them;See the poor, don’t laugh at;Meet kind, also don’t feel easy to bully;Meet the poor, to know how to stretch out his hand to help;Encounter loyalty, to take life to cherish;When you encounter a bully, stay away from him.In today’s society, money is not everything, but without money you can do nothing.Without money, we will experience the social changes, relatives distance from you, and the people who call you brothers distance from you.But this does not mean that money can do whatever you want, money is important, but more important is the character.Having money just means that you have more wealth and more spending power, but it doesn’t mean that you are superior to others. After some people become rich and wealthy, they become complacent and gradually lose sight of themselves and think that they are superior to others. They either mock or bully the poor.Everyone is born equal, no matter how much wealth he has in this life, no matter how much power he has in this life, everyone will experience birth, old age, illness and death, and everyone is a handful of loess after passing away.No matter how much wealth you have, you can’t take it with you.Respect is mutual, some people think they look down on others because of wealth, but they do not know, he does not respect others at the same time, others will not respect him, and those to him flatter, flatter people are not real respect, but take a fancy to his interests.Some people think that they are superior to others because of their wealth. In this extremely conceited mood, it is his inner inferiority that is exposed. Only the inferiority person will bind a person’s respect and wealth together, and will feel that he is superior to others because of his wealth, while ignoring the fact that everyone is equal.Be a man, don’t look at people low dog!Don’t be too proud and arrogant.A person who does not respect others and walks with his head held high and defiant will hit a wall sooner or later.Learn to respect others, 30 years river east, 30 years river west, how the future development, who can not say clearly.People whether poor or rich, but remember the character is the most important, a person’s dignity does not come from wealth, but his character is respected by others, life in the world, guarding their character, good like water, social virtue;What goes around comes around, what goes around comes around.Therefore, people should be good thoughts, ready to help others, do less at the expense of others, to remember that more does not benefit more self-death.Finally, I wish you all: The Buddha should rest in his mind and think clearly about good and evil, and god should keep in mind that everything is about karma.Good and evil clearly have a reward, non enmity filial piety first.