Do you know why the people of Fu ‘an don’t pay New Year’s greetings on the second day of the first lunar month

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The second day of the same Spring Festival, but “ten miles of different wind, a hundred miles of different customs.”The custom of “no visiting on the second day in Fu ‘an” is different from that of other parts of the country.It is said that fu ‘an taboo from the second day of the special custom from the end of the Ming Dynasty down, is the only Japanese invasion of China folk memorial day.Zheng Wang, former chairman of the Fu ‘an Literary association, told reporters that since the Massacre by Japanese pirates during the Reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, the Spring Festival customs of The People of Fu ‘an have been imprinted with painful historical memories and rich sadness.It is the day of remembrance or mourning for the fuan people, remembering those who fought for their homeland.It is said that this day is also the only folk memorial day of Japanese invasion of China.According to the introduction, “do white year” family intends to put a two-inch long white edge on the top of the red Spring Festival couplets to show sorrow.The red and white “White Spring couplets” remind people that the family is “doing white Year”.On this day, when someone politely asks to sit in their house, the local people usually reply politely with “I have business to run” or “come back tomorrow”.In Fu ‘an, on the second day of the Lunar New Year, in addition to friends and relatives do not visit each other, there are some customs: first, each family does not set off firecrackers;Second, do not light incense;Third, do not play rites and music;Fourth, businesses close their doors and so on. Anyway, all the rituals similar to the ancient “national mourning” are fully reflected on the second day of every year in Fu ‘an.To the first three days, the city resumed the first day of the New Year, firecrackers as usual, banquet big, fuan people buy birthday banquet mostly in the third day.”If you have already visited a family on the first day of the New Year, you can go on the second day.”Zheng Wang said that nowadays, foreign friends who do not know the local customs take the liberty to visit, and will not be rejected.”It’s ok, it’s ok, we have no taboo in this house…”After all, it is inconvenient not to visit each other during the Spring Festival.Source: Fuan today