City public security Bureau to carry out award door-to-door activities

2022-05-18 0 By

In order to unite the morale of the police, in a more high spirited state of mind to do a good job in protecting stability, security, promote the development of the work, with excellent results to meet the party’s twenty victory held, before the Spring Festival, the city public Security Bureau to carry out award doorto activities.Activities, the head is respectively won the “provincial public security education training work performance outstanding collective” police officer training center, was awarded the collective class p navigation, won the provincial public security “ten best agents AD litem” title, was awarded the personal law enforcement working class center generation dream, was awarded the personal rewards of patrol special police brigade Xie Sha medal awarded honorary certificates and MEDALS.The head of the bureau of units and police personal achievements in the past year to give full recognition, hope in the New Year to drum up energy, make persistent efforts, add measures, pressure to advance, to bear the interpretation of loyalty, with solid performance to fulfill the mission, more efforts to do their own work, with excellent results in return for the care of the organization.Commended units and individuals have said, to the bureau of the Party Committee care into a strong driving force to bear forward, with the highest standard, the best state, the best style, wholeheartedly into the work of the center, unswervingly do the party and the people’s loyal guardian, to make a new greater contribution to the construction of safe eternal city.(Reporter Wang Duo, Correspondent Ding Lintao)