Strive to “open the door steady” your resettlement investment company held “construction project management” ability to improve the training class

2022-05-17 0 By

“Spring comes early and the year of the tiger runs forward.”At the beginning of the New Year, Your Placement Investment Company maintained the spirit of “the beginning is the decisive battle, the beginning is the sprint”, and held a one-week training course on “the whole process management of construction Projects” to promote the “fire call” of “a good start to the 2022 project”.Training classes, invite your new live built bureau and relevant experts in the field of engineering consulting, policy interpretation, case analysis, communication form, such as laws, regulations and policies, investment control, the early stage of the project organization, safety in production, construction management, value management, and other content, project management section for the company’s staff conducted a focus “charging energy storage”.During the training, participants actively discussed the problems in the work, so as to have a more systematic understanding of project management knowledge and strengthen the management ability of project investment, schedule, cost, quality, safety and other aspects.The training effectively broadens the horizon and thinking of cadres and staff, improves the theoretical literacy and professional knowledge, realizes the vertical and horizontal full coverage of the practicability and effectiveness of training, and continuously accumulates energy for the company to enter the track of high-quality development.According to introducing, find a place for your firm to the training as an opportunity to strengthen the training achievement transformation, improve the general cadre staff to the main business of professional ability, ensure the legitimacy of the company’s construction project, compliance, improve the precision and efficiency of construction project management, go all out to ensure stable “open” “good start” in the first quarter,For the new district high starting point, high quality start power.Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Tian Ju editor Tian Ju editor Tan Shilun Luo Chang