Ndiaye, Cresan, Dabro joined the Super league, the three foreign aid transfer fee is very cost-effective

2022-05-17 0 By

Say it’s just the matter of the foreign aid, the problem of Chinese super foreign aid, the recent signing of three foreign aid should be well worth attention, the port of signing ndiaye, signing hristo mulberry, clay guoan suddenly signing up to the broad, the three men to see the position should be center, the worst is forward, up to the broad actually looks more like a winger and winger, he also looks like the winger,Ndiaye is a true centre-forward, but here’s the interesting part, the price of these foreign players, it’s really interesting.Ndiaye is supposed to be the most expensive foreign aid, under a 2 million euro transfer fee, then you should is the fee for the transfer of more than 100 euros, this is the most expensive in recent signing foreign aid ndiaye is center, in the Turkish league, Senegal center, at the foot of technology is very general, but it is a center with the ability to put an end to, for the port,What we really need is a center, someone who can pass and score.This is very normal, the nao aboutthis to port on the performance of the general, actually feels he does not like a true center, academy of passing a lot of time, eventually did not convert them, so the team should also see this problem, in the case of a transfer fee is basically not high, the thought of a way of thinking, that is to find a can score center directly, it’s as simple as that.The idea is right, such a style of center for the current league, can score on the line.Of course more than 1 million euros of centre-forward, in the past which teams can look at?Taishan team cresan should be more than 90 million euros, less than 1 million euros signed, but sun Zhuhao defense should be about 2 million euros transferred to the team, now should be up the price.Leonardo is supposed to be worth more than 1 million euros, but now he’s out on loan and doesn’t know if he’ll ever get back.Actually basically also can see cresan’s level, even if he is more than 1 million euros transfer fee, also can’t expect too much.Because basically the value of foreign aid can see the level, if Cresan can score 10 goals, it is already good, after all, not center, very normal.So if he can score 10 goals in the new season, he will be done. After all, he should not be as expensive as Lionel and not as skilled as him, but he has good fighting ability and is tall enough to play center.But it is also expensive. It is rare to hear of a transfer fee of more than 1 million euros for new foreign players this year.Guo ‘an have officially announced a foreign striker, who should be a winger and midfielder dabro, for a transfer fee of 800,000 euros. Dabro should be a winger, a winger, or a midfielder, or can make do with a midfield role. The player has scored 13 goals in the Kliga this season, so the figures look good.Such guoan finished the season foreign aid has architecture, 800000 euro looks very high, some of the Chinese super league team this year is going to solve the problem of four foreign aid, 800000 euros guoan now see, silva is sure to come back, to the broad fundamental not center, mei mishra also to the team, good, can make the new season five or more foreign aid.So, this year’s foreign aid value, indeed very low, but also can only so, some teams may not even the new season foreign aid.What are your expectations for the new season?Are you looking forward to the performance of these players?