Football association the 3rd time limit salary is opposed by many clubs, including many clubs

2022-05-17 0 By

Expose football association the 3rd time limit salary order is opposed strongly by many clubs!Among them, there are many big clubs, and the opposition is surprisingly consistent!The Chinese Football Association (CFA) plans to cut the annual salary of local players from 5 million yuan to 3 million yuan before tax, according to the Soccer News.As for the salary limit order, reporter Jia Yanfeng revealed that the original plan was to reduce it to 2 million yuan, but 16 clubs strongly opposed it!The fundamental reason is that football is a “circle” and as players’ wages are cut, it will inevitably affect the interests of those involved, including agents, club managers, coaches and so on.In my opinion, most of the CSL clubs are dependent on the parent company for blood transfusion and have no hematopoietic ability at all. Only through continuous recruitment, transfer, achievement targets and other clear ideas can they collect money, which leads to the strong opposition of these clubs!