When will the food supplement punch out this year?How much money can be subsidized per mu?Will fertilizer prices fall in April?

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Stand in farmer Angle, pay attention to agriculture!Hello, farmer brothers, I am an old farmer!Now the pace of spring ploughing is approaching, farmers also entered the most critical stage of farming!For our farmers to enter April, we are most concerned about the food supplement, agricultural material prices related news!Now affected by international geopolitical conflicts, the price of agricultural materials is rising, urea, compound fertilizer prices skyrocketed, now more than 3000 yuan per ton!Although grain prices are also rising, farmers who have sold out of grain are not benefiting at all.Seeing spring ploughing is coming, had gone up to high agricultural endowment chemical fertilizer can depreciate after all?What specific action does the country have to high price chemical fertilizer again?How much subsidy will farmers get for farming this year?Today, Lao Dao will focus on the 2022 agricultural prices and food subsidies related news!A new round of important adjustment has been determined, all the time high agricultural endowment prices will also usher in great changes!The specific situation, let’s say together!Lao Dao said: with the price of agricultural materials rise all the way, in 2022 the country for high agricultural materials also made specific requirements!After all, food security is the foundation of China, and protecting the rights and interests of grain farmers is a key policy priority.According to the relevant documents that have been issued, the country will continue to issue a one-off comprehensive agricultural subsidies this year, with a total amount of 20 billion yuan!At present the place such as Henan has issued specific punch card notice, it is expected that comprehensive allowance of agricultural endowment will enter the stage of centralized punch card after April!Look according to the rule of previous years, this year agricultural endowment comprehensive allowance is expected to be in every mu 11~15 yuan or so!Besides, in adjusting agricultural endowment price respect, the country still has two important measures already decided!Measure 1: of course to deal with the high prices of agricultural materials, absolutely not through subsidies!From late March until now, the state has repeatedly issued documents pointing out that the way to promote the return of fertilizer prices to a reasonable range by putting fertilizer reserves!Up to now accumulated 3 million tons of reserve fertilizer, including 1 million tons of potash fertilizer has begun orderly release!Lao Dao believes that with the continuous release of fertilizer reserves, the problem of high fertilizer prices will be effectively improved!Measure 2: In addition to releasing fertilizer reserves, the state will continue to intensify the crackdown on hoarding of agricultural materials, speculation and scalping.Any disturb market order, affect farmers spring ploughing, pit farmers, harm farmers behavior will encounter more severe blow!I believe that in April, the agricultural market will also usher in new changes, rising all the way fertilizer prices will also enter the cooling, cooling stage!Lao Dao says: in addition to the relevant news about the price adjustment of agricultural materials, after entering 2022, the country’s investment in the grain industry is also increasing continuously!At the concluded Central Rural Work Conference, the country said it will continue to optimize the structure of agricultural planting in 2022.In the stable grain, stable corn planting at the same time, increase oil crops and soybean planting!Now each grain main producing area also came on stage corresponding policy, differentiate specific planting task!In this process, grain allowance regards an important guiding measure as, had come to assure!For a few farmers of main grain producing areas, if plant soybean this year, the highest can apply for not less than 498 yuan per mu of grain subsidies!So what are the specific grain supplements?How is the grain supplement of 498 yuan determined?Below Lao Dao do a simple analysis for everyone!First of all, it involves the grain subsidy policy!The specific subsidy standard of each area of the whole country differs somewhat, grain main producing area and blame grain main producing area also have certain difference!Lao Dao below with heilongjiang area of grain supply we illustrate!Specific grain allowance cent is 4!Item 1: black land conservation tillage subsidy;Lao Dao says: in last year’s “no. 1 document” among, clear point out will continue to advance black land protection tillage plan!In 2022, the conservation tillage of black land will also be further promoted, and the subsidy is expected to be about 20 yuan per mu!This subsidy is planted according to farmer actual land area, undertake subsidy!Item 2: arable land fertility protection subsidy;Lao Dao says: when it comes to arable land fertility protection subsidy, I believe everyone is not strange, as long as the arable land area of planting food crops can apply for arable land fertility protection subsidy!This subsidy is also called “agricultural support and protection subsidy” in other provinces. The standard of subsidy in various provinces and regions of the country is different, and it is expected to be about 70~100 yuan/mu!Heilongjiang area may be lower, is expected to be about 50~60 yuan per mu!Item 3: subsidies to agricultural producers;Lao Dao says: agricultural producer subsidy basically is aimed at heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia to wait for the farmer of 4 provinces area!Want to plant corn, soybean and rice only, can apply for corresponding agricultural producer allowance!In order to guide farmers to plant soybeans in Heilongjiang this year, clearly put forward the producer subsidies for planting soybeans this year, will be more than 200 yuan/mu corn producer subsidies, according to the standard calculation in previous years, this year’s soybean producer subsidies are expected to be no less than 268 yuan per mu!Item 4: fallow crop rotation subsidy;Lao Dao says: fallow crop rotation subsidy is also a kind of pilot subsidy policy, in this year heilongjiang area pointed out that will delimit 15 million crop rotation area, focus on corn to change to soybean, rice to soybean cultivated area!It is estimated that the subsidy per mu is about 150 yuan!Therefore, if a farmer in Heilongjiang province plants soybeans this year, the soybean area planted is just in the rotation pilot area!The allowance detail that is expected to receive is as follows!1. Black land conservation tillage subsidy 20 yuan/mu;2, arable land fertility protection subsidies of 50~60 yuan/mu;3. More than 268 yuan/mu subsidy for soybean producers;4. Heilongjiang crop rotation subsidy of 150 yuan/mu;Total: 488~498 yuan per mu!In 2022, when rural vitalization will be fully promoted, subsidies will be concentrated after April.I believe that under the state’s support policy protection, our farmers continue to achieve income increase is absolutely no problem!Lao Dao also urges everyone to take action, click on the bottom right corner of the end of the article, together for the country’s rural revitalization strategy, rural support policy praise!