People’s Daily praised Sagi intelligence, enabling the manufacturing industry to intelligent transformation and digital transformation

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Satchi Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. (” Satchi Intelligent “), headquartered in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province, is China’s leading high-end intelligent equipment manufacturer and intelligent factory solution service provider, and its comprehensive strength ranks among the top in the world.In 2020, the company ranked 5th in the sales revenue of global rubber machinery industry.SaChi intelligent equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Kunshan r&d base picture after years of development, SaChi intelligence has become a minority in the world has a completely independent research and development and master high-end tire industry one of the core of intelligent equipment manufacturing technology, enterprise core product “intelligent half steel radial tire a method of forming machine” – a core key equipment, tire manufacturing industry technical breakthrough,To become an important global high-end tire equipment manufacturing and service providers.In recent years, SaChi intelligence with the advantages of technology research and development of high-end manufacturing and integration services, logistics development of tire industry intelligence and wisdom factory business, launched the high-end intelligent logistics equipment, intelligent logistics and wisdom factory overall solutions and services, establish deep strategic cooperation relationship with leading tire companies, completed the multiple intelligence factory benchmarking project construction,Promote the digital transformation of China’s auto tire manufacturing industry.Strategy focus on the development target move not SaChi core senior management team at new decade for SaChi over the next decade development strategy conference press gold print SaChi intelligence since it was founded in 2009 at the start of the “do tire industry high-end core equipment manufacturing and services” to establish strategic development target for the company, put the focus on the high-end intelligent tire equipment manufacturing research and development as the company’s mission.For more than ten years, Satchi intelligence unswervingly, always adhere to the target unwavering, focus on the target unchanged, for customers to do a good job of products, strong service.In December 2014, Sachi intelligent launched intelligent automatic semi-steel radial tire one-time molding machine, the products were certified by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation as “part of the world’s leading technology, the overall technology of the world’s advanced”.Sagi intelligent has a world-class intelligent industry R&D and production base and an international first-class tire equipment manufacturing platform.By focusing on technological innovation and product upgrading, we devote ourselves to the research and development of intelligent primary molding machine, and have launched the fifth generation of products at present.Over the years, Sac has established a close and stable cooperative relationship with world-renowned tire manufacturers, and its products are trusted by customers.Sa chi intelligence closely follows the development pace of intelligent manufacturing era, timely upgrading and adjustment of strategic goals.At the same time of strengthening the r&d and manufacturing of high-end equipment, we continue to expand the boundary of products and services, provide intelligent logistics and intelligent factory system technology solutions and services for tire and other manufacturing industries, and enable users to realize the transformation of digital factories. Several benchmark projects have been successfully implemented.Sachi intelligent technology research and development, high-end manufacturing, service system as the three core elements to drive the success of the enterprise.Build up research and development of “independent innovation, high-end core equipment homemade, efficient supply chain, and integration of intellectual source” 3 d integration framework of strategic development, through the industrial chain resources integration, the core equipment (core components) self-control, supply chain collaboration and high quality service, completion of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing towards advanced manufacturing main board,Break the difficulties of traditional system integrator’s “platter” delivery mode in delivery time, quality and service, and form differentiated competitive advantages of the company.Satchi intelligence firmly to the first array of global industry benchmarking enterprises and products, adhere to independent research and development and innovation: core equipment and core parts independent research and development and manufacturing, core intellectual property rights in hand, laying a solid foundation for enterprise development.Sagi Intelligent has a global scientific research and innovation center and enterprise academician workstation, provincial enterprise technology center, provincial engineering technology research center, enterprise graduate workstation, foreign experts studio and other innovative platforms;With a research and development team composed of domestic and foreign industry senior experts, with its rich professional experience and high technical level to ensure that the company’s research and development level has always been in the leading position in the industry.Sachi intelligence closely around the strategic development goals, continue to invest a lot of money, constantly optimize the integration of resources, the construction of high-end complete core parts independent research and development manufacturing base.Sagi intelligent manufacturing platform has the world’s high-quality advanced processing and testing equipment.Uphold the “machine is alive” concept, carefully polished every part.Strive to make every link of sa chi intelligence reach the international level.Relying on the advantages of independent research and development and independent manufacturing of core components, SAchi Intelligent has realized more than 70% of the core equipment self-research and self-made, to ensure that the core manufacturing process and manufacturing quality can be controlled, traceable and independent.In order to promote the development of China’s intelligent logistics industry, Satchi Intelligent gives full play to the advantages of high-end manufacturing platform, forms a unique and differentiated competitiveness, and leads the independent innovation of the industry.Number assigned to a crossover platform xintiandi SaChi power manufacturing smart update, build wisdom, exquisite changchun factory all-steel tire factory embryo project SaChi intelligent adhere to the concept of “open, all rivers run into sea, win-win”, bend force makes digital industry (international) peak BBS platform of the Internet economy and industry, through the establishment of cross-border platform,To realize industrial interconnection and industrial economic integration, build a brand new industrial chain ecology and platform business model, and use platform, ecology and cross-border thinking to lead the traditional manufacturing industry to promote intelligent and green manufacturing.Satchi Intelligence plans to hold the first Digital (International) Summit forum in November 2022.At that time, it will gather the world’s leading digital industry research, cutting-edge technology, creative design, and is committed to creating an internationally influential platform for high-tech exchange, talent exchange and value exchange.Satchi intelligent introduced the platform of Chinese Academy of Sciences, to create a low cost, high efficiency, zero inventory, zero capital backlog supply chain, production and sales integration, to provide new solutions for the national supply chain finance, digital economy.Sagi Intelligent has established cas – Sagi intelligent expert workstation jointly with Beijing Zhongke Lao Expert Technology Center.Workstation in order to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technology transfer as own duty, give play to the role of lead first-class experts think tank of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, promote scientific and technological achievements to transfer production end, further optimize the environment of technology innovation, upgrading company implementation technology and industry development, power SaChi intelligence become a high-end equipment manufacturing a beautiful card.China Rubber Magazine editor tel: (010) 8491-5661/6637/6815 Advertising Cooperation: (010) 8492-4066, 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