Make Poetry the “tide Culture” of the New Era

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“Spring girl is coming –” sweet and tender children recited in the green grass sounded, the sky is so blue, clouds are so slow, the spring breeze gently blowing, poetry and the date of spring opened the curtain.This spring, Shantou is poetic and picturesque, the poetry recitation on the grassland and in the community, as well as the classic recitation on the campus and in the study, reading and so on, all draw a strong cultural background for Shantou.Recently, organized by the municipal federation, association of poetry and guangdong Dan sakura agriculture sightseeing co., LTD., to undertake “I have a date with spring 2022 – send civilization to the countryside poetry reading” held in the beautiful cherry blossoms Dan hai city poetry association members, the poetry in poetry, for Bridges, acura, dc spring story, praise to struggle for the dream of shantou people,We will praise achievements in rural and agricultural development.Shi Lijun’s “Travel with the Spring Breeze” vividly depicts the vitality and joy of spring with the clever poem “Eyes are bright and heart is trembling/Accept the freshness and freshness of new life”.”Rainy spring, changeable clouds/sonorous roses, ironclad kaposi/carved in the hardships of life/their own most natural tenacity and gentle”, this is the poetry association member Xu Qiaoru’s “March, Bless those flowers”, with flowers personified, with things express aspiration.According to wang Hui, president of the city poetry Association, in order to flourish and develop the city’s poetry career, active local poetry cultural life, the city poetry association since 2013, will hold a number of poetry recitation activities every year, since 2018, they will be in the Danying ecological park and spring to a romantic poetry date.”Every child is born a poet,” said The Soviet educator Suhomlinsky.Young people have rich imagination and pure childlike innocence, always blooming flowers of poetry.Since 2013, Shantou Jinyuan Experimental Middle School and Chaonan Taoxi School have successively become the exchange base of poetry Association “Poetry into campus”. Shantou Changsha Primary School has also become one of the exchange bases of “poetry into campus” after 2017. Poetry has become an important part of education in many primary and secondary schools in our city.The reporter learned from the interview that many community sinology initiation schools in the city also put poetry education in the first place. Chenghai Ruji Study often organizes family members to walk into nature, reciting spring poems and Chaoshan children’s rhymes, and creating poems.In a recent activity held in Chenghai Ruji Study, grade 2 child Li Wenyi created a lively and vivid poem “I stick spring”;Chen Ziyu, a middle school student, and his mother wrote down such sweet verses as “spring breeze is the green light of the sun” and “listen, the wind blows/spring whispers in your ears/ah, my ears are not sugar”.Tang Chunxi created a poem “There is a Poem hidden in Spring” with the theme of praising maternal love, and recited it in Putonghua and Chao language at the poetry recital.Spring is the season of poetry, but also a good time for writing and reading poems.At the opening ceremony of this year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing, director Zhang Yimou counted down the countdown with “the 24 Solar terms with Chinese characteristics,” a classic poem matching the 24 solar terms. The last solar term is The start of Spring.The whole design is unique and beautiful, showing the charm of Chinese culture.This highlight of the opening ceremony not only brought a visual and auditory feast to the global audience, but also led a trend of learning and reading poetry, and shantou’s colorful poetry cultural life happened to coincide with this trend.Our reporter Chen Shanna article/picture statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: