Come on!The Velanda high-performance version sold 258,800 units

2022-05-16 0 By

Come on!High performance version of The sale of 258,800 Units of New energy is 258,800 units 1.The new TNGA midsize SUV Velanda high performance version, with a guiding price of 258,800 yuan to 299,800 yuan, will make its debut.2. As gaC Toyota’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, The Velanda PHEV adopts Toyota’s advanced PHEV plug-in hybrid dual-engine power technology, integrating EV pure electric and HEV hybrid into one. The comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is only 1.1L, which will bring a unique driving experience of “dual use of one car”.There are three driving modes, which can be selected according to driving scenarios. TSS ensures higher quality driving experience.3. Battery worry plan: There is no limit on the life and mileage of hybrid battery.Interested friends may wish to call the hotline: or click below “inquiry” consultation enjoy network sales S-VIP channel, to the shop consultation free trial drive.The event will run from February 12, 2022 to February 19, 2022