Chinese rose varieties, teach you to know 20 kinds of Chinese rose!Complete photo gallery and planting method are included

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Chinese rose is a very beautiful plant, it is in a high position in ornamental flowers, known as: “queen of flowers”, Chinese rose is easy to grow, and grow quickly, it is easy to blossom into a “sea of flowers”.It is much flowering, flowering gorgeous, flower is very big, color is changeable, varieties are also many, give you popular science 20 kinds of Chinese rose varieties, can be called Chinese rose varieties daquan, teach you to know 20 kinds of Chinese rose!With pictures and planting methods, see which one you like?How many have you seen?Mentioning the rose variety, I have to introduce the Gofan. Its leaves are green and glossy, and its branches, leaves and prickles are all red when tender, which also looks chic.Feifan is very easy to grow. Most of its upright plants have thick branches that sprout easily and are resistant to pests and diseases. Most of all, it loves flowering and is ideal for potted plants and bonsai.2, cream longsha gem many friends want to plant Rose, but too fast growth, grow too tall, some rose varieties even a tree can grow into a large, the formation of the feeling like a sea of flowers.But not the creamy Lonza gem, which is a miniature rose with a smaller plant.Creamy ronsa gemstones have yellow, chartreuse, white and so on, with many flowers and a long flowering period, which is also a very worthwhile flower to grow.The flower of the golden Phoenix is also very beautiful. Its flower is golden yellow, which is very auspicious.The leaves of the golden Phoenix are dark green and shiny.The plant is stout, upward-growing, and very branched, hence the abundance of flowers.The most important thing is that the flowers of the golden phoenix proudly open up, not low, and the flowering period is very long, very love to bloom, whether potted or planted, the growth is very vigorous.4, The flowering period of Chinese rose is generally very long, but the flowering period of this variety is longer, single flower opening time can reach more than 15 days, and the flowering time is very long.It is very suitable for potted plants, but more suitable for ground planting, it is widely planted in isolation belt, green belt, parks, communities, streets, scenic spots and so on, is a very good ornamental plants and green plants.5, xiangyun Xiangyun is a traditional Chinese rose varieties, its taste is very fragrant, so the name also has the word fragrant, its fragrance is strong tea, has been very popular since ancient times.Xiangyun homophonic for auspicious cloud, is a very auspicious Chinese rose, so it has attracted much attention, its petals large, petals, a single flower petals in more than 30 pieces, the color is generally coral red or orange red.6, Meilang mouth red Meilang lipstick is a particularly popular Chinese rose, its appearance is very like a rose, its color is dark red, particularly beautiful, is also a very love flowering Chinese rose.It is a tall cup with a large number of petals and a long blooming period. It is suitable for potted or ground planting. Its flowers are also often used as cut flowers, and some people even pretend it is a rose.7, green green is a very good variety of green Chinese rose, it just opened when the color is yellow, slowly will change into green, and the flowering period of a single flower is very long, often more than half a month, the flower is also very large, the diameter of a single flower can reach 12 centimeters.It can bloom for several months a year, and it is characterized by many, frequent and beautiful flowers in all seasons where conditions are good.8, puffer beauty puffer beauty Chinese rose is also very beautiful, it is a typical double Chinese rose, single flower petals look up to dozens of petals, or even hundreds of petals, let a person like a look.The plants grow very fast and have many branches and long branches, and the branches are climbing and can grow into large patches, which looks very spectacular.9, free spirit free spirit is cultivated by Austen British company, it is a kind of vine Chinese rose, its characteristic is to be able to climb like a vine growth, very suitable for growing on the walls, window sill, etc., the flower color is pale pink season, many remain open, open time is very long, and has a very strong aroma, its characteristic is hei fat xi Yang,Plant in a sunny place to thrive.Colorful butterfly is a colorful Chinese rose varieties, colorful butterfly leaves color dark green, but dark green with bright, it grows fast, branching, flowering, and strong resistance to pests and diseases.The cup-shaped flowers of the butterfly, with pink and yellow stripes, also have a strong fragrance, with a strong fruity fragrance, and many flowers, high ornamental value.11, Oklahoma gold name with the word “gold”, is also a very auspicious Chinese rose, its flowers golden color, flowers big enough, diameter can reach about 15 centimeters, is a relatively large Chinese rose, and flowering is very large, a branch can open several flowers.There are also a lot of petals, petals are long, they also have fragrance, and they are good for potted plants at home, but also for ground plants in parks, garden walls, courtyards, streets, and green belts, which are very valuable.Canter Princess Chinese rose is characterized by opening at the top of the branches, and never drooping, like a proud princess, high above.Its flowers are not only proud, and the flowers are very big, the smell is also very fragrant, the flowers are golden in color, it is very noble.Princess Canter is bright in color and loves flowering very much. It has strong resistance to disease and insect pests and has good adaptability. Even if it is planted on the side of streets, roads, parks, communities, scenic spots and other fields, it will grow very luxuriant and very popular.13, infinite forever infinite forever this Chinese rose, listen to its name to know that its flowering is very long, it especially loves flowering, and the branches grow luxuriant, love branch, fast growth, more flowers, long flowering.The flowers are white and getting whiter. They have a nice smell and are ideal for potted plants, but they are also often used as cut flowers.Listen to the name of the juice balcony know that it is a very time to plant flowers on the balcony, like its flower friends are very many, especially when planted on the balcony, its plants are not tall.Its flower is also more petite, diameter in 8 centimeters or so, taste is a light rose fragrance, very suitable for the balcony potted, like planting a lot of friends.15, Camellia camellia is a Chinese rose, but its flowers are more like camellia, it is a dark red rose, its flowers are many, large flowers, petals, compact, with yellow flower core, is a very suitable for planting or potted flowers, it is also often used to do cut flowers ornamental.16, romantic baby name is very popular with young people, buy mostly young people, especially young lovers, its plant is not particularly tall, belongs to the miniature Chinese rose, especially suitable for planting in the living room, study, balcony and so on.Its compact plants, with shiny leaves, are resistant to pruning and grow fast enough that even beginners can grow it well.17, Rhein gold rhein gold name is also very auspicious, but also with the word gold, is also a very noble variety, its flower color golden yellow, petals are very big, a little outside the volume, with fragrance.Rheingold plants are not particularly tall, very good for planting at home, the meaning is very auspicious, good for potted plants, also suitable for planting in the green belt, parks as green plants or ornamental plants.Blue Moon blue moon is famous for its color with blue, it is a very classic blue rose, its flowers with a very rich fragrance, petals compact, flowers big enough, its petals with light blue purple, can be used for potted or planted in the community, park, garden planting ornamental.Blue ribbon blue ribbon is also a rare Chinese rose with blue, it is a large flower water Chinese rose, its flower shape is high core rolled edge shape, and it opens slowly, so it is very suitable for cutting flowers, used for bottle ornamental, and can open for a long time.Blue ribbon with a strong fruity, is a very popular blue Chinese rose.Duke of 20, the duke of Monaco Monaco is also a web celebrity Chinese rose, it is known as the multicolor flower, the flower is given priority to with white or light yellow, also bring a little bit of scarlet lace on the edge, the duke of Monaco on the number of petals small, but also very beautiful, its disease resistance ability is very strong, suitable for home plant or plant.Chinese rose planting techniques: In terms of soil, try to choose fertile, loose, breathable soil rich in organic matter, preferably acidic.Choose pine needle soil, humus, rotten leaves, and a mixture of granular materials or soil.The plant of Chinese rose is bigger, can choose big pot to undertake planting in flowerpot respect, if conditional, ground is planted better.Potted plants require water permeability, watering after planting, watering can be more or less, but it is not suitable for long-term immersion.In the flowering and growing period need to consume a lot of water, do not lack, after the survival of the Chinese rose should be placed in a better place, adequate light, faster growth, grow more robust, more flowers, longer flowering.Fertilizer, because Chinese rose growth rate is fast, need to consume more fertilizer, so fertilization should be frequent, can use diluted compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, bean cake, etc., can also be leaf spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate and so on.Chinese rose is also a very resistant to pruning flowers, when planting, can be appropriately trimmed, trimmed out of shape, ornamental value is greater.We introduce you to 20 kinds of Chinese rose with pictures and planting methods. Which one do you like?What varieties have you seen or grown?If you have a chance, remember to plant some roses yourself, especially the fruit juice balcony, which is very beautiful and popular.