Asian market us bond shock operation, evening focus on the US January PCE

2022-05-16 0 By

As of 16:45 on February 25, the main cBOT 10-year Treasury futures contract ZNH2 traded in a narrow range to close at 126.5312, up 0.06%, with 157,000 trading volume and 355,000 positions.Analysts at the International Derivatives Think Tank said: as the russia-Ukraine conflict disturbance abated, risk aversion cooled, the 10-year US Treasury hit the high after falling in a tight range trading.Late January will release the core PCE price index rate and the rate of U.S. durable goods orders in January month blockbuster economic data, in January if PCE exceed market expectations and durable goods orders keep toughness, market will strengthen hike expectations, put pressure on U.S. debt, if no hurry, or limited impact, but overall, the current inflationary pressure still exists in the United States, to raise interest rates and concerns remained differences,It is expected that the probability of weak operation of 10-year US bonds as a whole is larger, and it is recommended to deal with high bearish ideas.This article is from the International Derivatives Think Tank