Weihai in poetry, beautiful and strong!

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Weihai beautiful mountains and rivers, outstanding people, profound history, attracted countless cultural celebrities to stop, leaving the gorgeous poetry and well-known masterpieces, let us enjoy weihai together in the poetry – Liugong Island military self-encouraging united Deng Shichang Longyue Yunjin, phoenix Ming sunrise.GUI Sheng Kaoling, lotus green wave.Slowly sailing from the shore to this side of the most ancient Sea in China through the centuries to explore the exclusive weihai historical memory huancui Lou, Huancui Lou Liu Zhengxue Weihai city east, climb the building four look open.Castle peak horizontal ground, clear water roll day back.Cloud trees float green, kite fish to come.The scenery is infinitely good, that is, penglai.”Weihai city tour, must climb huancui building.”In Weihai, there is no such a building as Huancui Building has such a pivotal position on the Huancui building, overlooking Liugong Island, enjoy weihai’s mountain and sea city scenery experience 500 years of historical and cultural atmosphere of changchangchangtian Xiangu Top climb Xiangu Top to recall the grand ceremony of Jinxiangyun sheng Wang Island, Purple gas cover Wei Peak.Shengshi ling jade, immortal bless sentient beings.East view of the sea, west look into the castle peak Xiangu top climb far by railing in a dreamy blue sea and blue sky good a natural landscape picture scroll hot spring hot spring poem Wu Zhaohuang heating sheng Yanggu, clear sound bilan.Water cloud suspected boiling tripod, mountain fire to burn Dan.According to the pulse flow what urgent, find the source from wide.Kaijin new mu, snow do not know cold.Weihai, has the “China hot spring of the township” reputation Bubble hot spring, but also the warm hospitality of weihai Whole body soaked in dense smoke springs Let warm hug yourself thoroughly elimination was tired Everything is so comfortable KunYu mountain In looking at xian Xi to ninghai KunYu area mountains Guo-qing zhang Musquash mountain light green to flow, the somebody else doubt and water phase.From the heights of heaven in the northwest to the ends of the earth in the southeast.The waves connect the sea on three sides, and the corner situation is limited to Zhongzhou.The sea breeze blows down dust-free sentences, to the top of kunyu upstream.Zhong Ling yuxiu, tiancheng Kunyu Mountain since ancient times has been a mountain resort of literati travelers to travel thousands of gullies, mountains near the ridge grass tree smoke village, if hidden, if visible five hundred li Kunyu like a big brushwork ink painting into the mountain red goose song – too beginning three years, xing East China Sea, red goose as Liu Che as a transport, white set west, food nectar, drink rongquan.Red goose set, six fen member, Shu Weng miscellaneous, five mining.God see, shi Zhi Fu, Deng Penglai, knot wuji.The first place in China to see the sunrise on the sea, one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China, is the dwelling place of the “Sun God” in ancient mythology. Han Wu, Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, worshipped the sun god here to greet the sunrise.Pudu sentient beings love for a long time, carry forward the road to everlasting.Kind-eyed Ming three, drizzle and wind benefits eight.Has borrowed red mountain correction fruit, clear far sow protect people kang.Mountain and sea are connected with sea and sky in the same color at the top of the Red mountain eye Pole thousands of miles to feel the clear and clear sea water, enjoy the natural forest oxygen bar fresh lung washing big Rushan maternal love big Rushan Zhang Shou Yuan war to become fairy, milk like Cangshan Run Ten thousand tian.Mother’s love chunhui ze wild green, Chinese good filial piety first.Look across the show man, throughout the Linglong like a mother in happy feeding children warm and loving sense of spontaneous listen to the “maternal love legend” story germination filial piety, Thanksgiving feelings of silver Beach Rushan ten miles silver Beach Zhang Shouyuan sandy shore slow ten miles beach, water clean sky blue waves Bilan.The road is wide and the building is high to welcome the guests.The beach as white as silver, Lin Xiuhaibi enjoys the reputation of “the best beach in the world” here, slow down the pace of life wanton immersed in the blue sky and the sea surrounded by the sound of pillow waves to sleep is awakened by the sound of waves leisurely and happy –The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com