“Together to the Future” ice rink continues to be hot, ice and snow consumption is heating up……”Winter” wind blowing urumqi ice and snow industry flowers bloom

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Skiers are wearing skiing equipment at Baiyun International Ski Resort.China has achieved its goal of attracting 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports by October 2021, according to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).In Xinjiang, which is rich in ice and snow resources, people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is unprecedentedly high, and ice and snow consumption is heating up.Urumqi is a vivid interpretation of the concept of “ice and snow is also gold and silver mountains”. Riding the “winter” wind, the winter Olympics +, ice and snow + and other powerful economic effects are constantly showing.Zhao Liang is a snow sports coach at Westlight Ski Resort and a social sports instructor in Urumqi city.What struck him most this year was that far more people were learning to ski than usual.”The ski resort is busy from morning to night, and many people learn to ski after work in the evening, so the ski resort is busier at night than during the day.”Mr. Zhao said.Xu Xiujuan, head coach of Baiyun International Ski Resort, was a member of the national ski team and won the third place in snowboarding at the 26th World University Winter Games.This snow season, she brought 10 former national U-slot snowboarding retired members to baiyun International Ski resort, free skiing open classes every weekend, attracted many citizens to the resort.Liu Bin, a 33-year-old citizen with his 4-year-old daughter, joined Xu’s class earlier this year.After five lessons, the father and daughter skated very smoothly.Liu bin says it was the Beijing Winter Olympics that got his family interested in ice sports.”There are professional ski coaches and quality ski resorts on our doorstep, so of course we should make good use of such good resources.”This snow season, the heat on the ice rink makes Urumqi Tianshan Park ice rink director Hadley Beke very happy.In winter, the ice rink of Tianshan Park is filled with 200 ice-lovers.This year, with the holding of the Winter Olympics, the ice friends team is expanding, weekdays can reach thousands.The youngest is only 4 years old, the oldest is 85.”There are so many people every day, especially during the Chinese New Year. At most, three or four thousand people come to skate every day.Although we are tired, we are happy to see so many people who love skating.””Said Hadley Buick.According to statistics provided by Urumqi Sports Bureau, the number of people participating in snow and ice sports in Urumqi has exceeded 700,000 in the past five years.This snow season, the number of people in urumqi ice rink and snow field is a new high in recent years.Liu Yanan, deputy general manager of Baiyun International Ski Resort, said the resort receives more than 4,000 visitors a day during the Spring Festival and more than 2,000 on weekdays.More than 2,500 people visited the snow and ice amusement park in urumqi Botanical Garden on a single day during Spring Festival.Urumqi Olympic Sports Center Ice and Snow Carnival is a new member of Urumqi ice and snow Venue.Using indoor and outdoor track and field to create snow circle entertainment area and the largest standardized ice rink in Xinjiang, the harvest is full in this snow season.”We are confident about xinjiang’s ice and snow resources and consumption environment,” said Yang Chao, an official in charge. “We believe the ice and snow resources will continue to be hot in the post-Winter Olympics era.”Snow and ice sports have made this year’s sales of snow supplies the highest in recent years.Decathlon has two professional sports equipment supermarkets in Urumqi.Thanks to the “winter wind” of the Winter Olympics, sales of ice sports equipment at the two stores increased 40 percent this year compared to last year.”Since the start of winter, there has been a significant increase in the number of people buying ice and snow sports equipment, and we have increased the number of guides in the area,” said Wang Ting, who is in charge of the Decathlon Wanda Plaza store.In the ticket hall of Baiyun International Ski Resort, there are four snow supplies stores.Every store has seen a big increase in turnover this year.When asked why, the owners happily said, “Of course, it’s the Winter Olympics that drives the ski fever.”In addition to ice and snow sports equipment, tourism and catering in Urumqi have also enjoyed the benefits brought by the Beijing Winter Olympics.Yu Wansheng, a villager from Zhongliang Village, Urumqi County, who runs a chicken noodle business in the Silk Road International Resort, is optimistic about the economic benefits of ice and snow resources.”The 13th National Winter Games let people from all over the country know about xinjiang’s ice and snow resources, and our Xinjiang cuisine also impressed many people.I was so optimistic about this that I focused on cooking Xinjiang food only at the ski resort.From the approach to the Beijing Winter Olympics, my business has been getting better and better.”Yu wansheng said that in recent years, the family bought a car, changed houses, day by day better.The reporter learned that in Urumqi County, snow and ice sports to help rural revitalization of the case is not a few.Liu Qian, general manager of Xianlai Town, said: “Now it seems that it was a very wise choice to build Xianlai Town on the only way of the major ski resorts in Nanshan.There are a lot of snow friends, citizens and tourists who come here to eat, take photos and clock in. I am very optimistic about xinjiang’s snow and ice resources and believe that our future will be better and better.”