The star’s New Year’s Eve dinner is coming!Xiao Zhan cooking meat and vegetable collocation, Guan Xiaotong rich, Zhang Jie ceremony feeling full

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Reunion over the New Year, New Year’s Eve dinner but the highlight!Every family prepares a sumptuous meal to celebrate a happy New Year for the whole family.It’s time for chefs to show off their “18 ways to Cook”, and many celebrities have posted photos of their family’s New Year’s Eve dinners. Let’s take a look at what they ate!This year, gulinaza is the first to post her New Year’s Eve dinner. Instead of serving a large table, She takes her family to her favorite hotpot restaurant.On New Year’s Eve, it is the greatest happiness to eat your favorite food with your favorite people.The busy naza is still working until New Year’s Eve, so it looks like there will be new works for everyone in the New Year, but it is also very profitable to receive red envelopes from the cast.Favorite spicy hot pot red soup rolling flourishing, just look at people’s appetite.Zhang Yixing followed suit, Posting a “sincere” New Year’s Eve dinner.I saw fish and shrimp on the table, meat and vegetables, meat and vegetables with rich variety and balanced nutrition, it seems to be a lot of thought!Even the selfie is full of nine squares, zhang Yixing’s fans are really having a big year!Xiao Zhan’s New Year’s Eve dinner starts with the preparation of vegetables, vegetables and seafood. It seems that Xiao Zhan is going to be a chef this year and experience the fun of making New Year’s Eve dinner by himself!Looking at these half-finished photos, we can see that Xiao zhan also knows how to mix meat and vegetables. I wonder what the final result will be.There are also Guo Jingjing Huo Qigang and his wife to make dinner, two people tacit understanding, start to make dumplings.Also really should that sentence “men and women collocation work is not tired”, the husband and wife made dumplings full and complete, all kinds of small interaction is sweet, even the New Year’s Eve in the dog food!Guan Xiaotong basked in the hot New Year’s Eve dinner in Shenzhen. Although she could not celebrate the New Year in her hometown, as long as her family is there, she will feel like home wherever she is!This big table is also full of food, all kinds of fish seafood, vegetables and cucumbers, looking really full of happiness.Zhang Jie posted the family’s New Year’s Eve dinner, looking at the ceremony feeling full.And the table full of food, really aroma overflow screen.Yu zheng also posted his own lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, which is simple but hearty, with soup, meat, vegetables and lobster.For example, Zhang Zhenlang, who was unable to have a reunion dinner with his family or enjoy delicious food due to his hotel quarantine, still wished his netizens a happy New Year.There are also many performers in the Spring Festival Gala who have to eat lunch boxes backstage in order to give the audience a perfect performance.Although the food is certainly not as diverse as at home, but it is also meat, vegetables and soup, and more than in the crowd and also lively.Looking at yinger in front of a big table selection, back to the seat also eat special incense.Even the next seat of Wang Lei could not help but look over, perhaps is attracted by the fragrance!Liu Shishi, who is filming in the film crew, also posted a selfie with a cute tiger head.On New Year’s Eve, no matter how busy people are at work, they always go home and have a round dinner.There are always a lot of dishes with meaning in the New Year’s dinner, hoping to have a good fortune in the New Year.After watching a large circle of mouth-watering stars’ New Year’s Eve dinner, which one do you like best?This article without authorization is strictly prohibited reprint offenders will investigate!