Spring Festival shopping in Baoshan

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What do you want to do for Chinese New Year?My answer is, Chinese New Year is buy buy buy!The 2022 Baoshan Lunar New Year Festival will continue until The Lantern Festival on Feb 15, with welfare giveaways.The purpose is to present the New Year’s consumption feast with activities, highlights and themes for the general public, and continue to create a strong and warm festive atmosphere to meet the public’s consumption demand for Goods for the New Year, and promote the baoshan consumer market heat does not fade, strength does not reduce, and highlights.Large shopping complexes and their main stores in the district have planned a series of marketing activities to welcome the Spring Festival, creating a happy and peaceful atmosphere for the Spring Festival, and providing “good shopping places for the Spring Festival” for the citizens who spend the Spring Festival in Shanghai.Longhu Tianjie launched “Germinating The Year of the Tiger” to create a paradise for children.Opening hours during Spring Festival:January 31 (New Year’s Eve) 7:00-20:00 February 1 (first day) 8:00-20:00 February 2 (second day) 8:00-21:00 from the third day to resume normal business hours Baoshan Baoleihui Baoleihui to carry out the “LE MARKET Spring Festival Goods MARKET” to promote qinghai high-quality agricultural products, help “green goods out green”.Focus on promoting and selling cultural products, such as Tibetan carpets, green embroidery, Northwest Intangible Cultural handicrafts, food products, such as Tibetan yak mutton series, quinoa and highland barley cereals series, black and red wolfberry series, rapeseed oil, Qinghai ramen gift boxes and other high-quality qinghai products, and launch LE MARKET 2022 Spring Festival in Baolekhui.Business hours: January 22 – February 15, 10:00- 22:00 Spring Festival business hours: January 31 – February 2 (New Year’s Eve to the second day) business hours adjusted to 10:00-18:00 Dahua Hucheng Hucheng Business district of Paris Spring Festival, China Resources Vanguard, Hema Fresh life and other joint launch of “Fu Husheng Wei Spring Festival” theme promotion activities.Baoshan Wanda supermarket: welfare broadcast, full New Year flavor to welcome the Spring Festival Yonghui supermarket Yonghui supermarket continues to carry out “tuen Festival good” and “Tiger year not lax New Year shopping street”.Greenland preferred Greenland preferred supermarket launched a series of activities such as “Chinese New Year legitimate tide”, full reduction of all categories of goods promotion, so that the public purchase of goods affordable, buy non-stop.E-commerce: Digital Power, online consumption “@” New Year to embrace the “online new economy”, improve the “Internet +” consumption ecosystem.Relying on Tencent network, launched “Lehi Baoshan Cloud To celebrate the Lunar New Year” online Shopping festival.Electricity enterprise “can be a good electronic” and “bosideng” “princess fish network” such as construction of “cloud”, “cloud streets”, “cloud business circle”, through the “live”, “video electrical contractor” and so on the new mold, launched “purchase necessities carnival”, “new clothes in the New Year “And other activities to showcase baoshan business characteristics, heighten the holidays, cloud shopping” brand.Can liang e-commerce bosideng fei fish network source: Shanghai Baoshan