Protect “Qingdao blue”, they are in action!Qingdao strengthens supervision over open-air burning during Spring Festival

2022-05-15 0 By

Qingdao daily news/view sea February 3 – to protect citizens during the Spring Festival have a low carbon, environmental protection, clean, and peaceful New Year, Qingdao strengthen outdoor prohibition work don’t relax during Spring Festival, the implementation of satellite remote sensing monitoring for 24 hours, the city ecological environment, forestry, agriculture and rural areas and other departments strengthen the regulation of resultant force, to 6 agricultural area, to carry out the inspection,Dispatch the situation in time.It is reported that the ecological environment branch, district (city) towns and streets to further increase the inspection of farmland, airport, highway, river, ditches and other key areas, during the Spring Festival from January 31 to February 2, three days during the inspection, no open burning fire situation was found.The West Coast New District Branch conducted timely supervision and inspection on the situation of crop straw burning prohibition in the region.The towns and streets went deep into the fields and carried out continuous inspections, and publicized the work of burning prohibition by means of loudspeakers.Chengyang Sub-bureau, each street, community, according to the burning ban work deployment, straw burning ban as an important task, both publicity and strict prevention, patrol and guard at the same time.Jimo Sub-bureau, public security department, natural resources department, agriculture and rural department strengthened inter-departmental linkage, and all towns and streets focused on key areas and made precise efforts to publicize and inspect key areas.Jiaozhou sub-bureau, together with relevant departments, towns and streets to increase the intensity of farmland inspection.Pingdu sub-bureau arranged a special person on duty patrol, towns and streets launched town and village cadres to actively participate in the open-air burning ban work.The Laci Branch used the high-altitude monitoring system to monitor the open-air burning ban in real time in the whole city, and towns and streets further strengthened the inspection of key areas.(Qingdao Daily/Sea View News reporter Wu Shuai)