Naked chat!Blackmail!Money laundering.Yangzhou Gaoyou police successfully busted a criminal gang

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Strange QQ active plus you didn’t know each other words especially explicit somehow you have a point in each other’s instructions and then “description” in your video for 10 seconds after he suddenly closed the video and then drawing a change don’t bullshit, hurry up money transferred or let your leadership colleagues family and see what kind of person are you recently,Yangzhou Gaoyou Police, under the guidance of Yangzhou Police Detachment, successfully destroyed a criminal gang that provided money laundering for naked chat extortion through in-depth operation and vigorous attack. The police arrested 18 suspects and seized 200 bank cards and 27 mobile phones on the spot. Preliminary statisticsWater involved more than 6000 ten thousand yuan case review on February 12, 2022 in gaoyou mass crimes reported to police said he and “netizens” naked chat blackmail the police organization capable police force immediately after the police for investigation of the case through the string and comb, and to the depth of a headed by someone named, outside naked chat to blackmail crime of money-laundering gang emerged in gaoyou police made the details of the arrest18 suspects were arrested at the same time in Shanghai, Kunming, Yuxi and other places.Named, XXX since February 2022, with overseas naked chat to blackmail gang collusion, collaboration in knowledge transfer money is illegal and criminal proceeds in yunnan to release “pay day” “information through the network using someone else’s bank card through the online banking transfer, ATM withdrawals, etc to help the criminal of money laundering and service charge of criminal facts is currently the case 1Eight suspects in connection with disguise and hide crime against has been the public security organs in accordance with the criminal compulsory measures are taken in the case is being further probing the police will continue to follow the line next hit directly sword refers to foreign criminal gangs resolutely safeguard people’s property safety to guard the masses “purse” police remind the Internet temptation more, “naked chat” invitation is full of temptation,But it could be a peach trap.In daily network social activities, if a stranger takes the initiative to add friends, do not trust or accept the “passion” invitation of the other party, do not install APP links sent by strangers, watch your own privacy, and immediately call the police for help when you encounter fraud or blackmail.