Li made her debut at the age of five with her first single, Fantastic Four Seasons

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Recently, the age of five, wonderful, little singer lee with a lovely light new rhymes “fantastic four seasons”, opened up her childhood grow up music journey, the first by Beijing WoShi record specially tailored for her songs, full of fairy-tale colors, in the melody of pure and fresh and fashion, as if personally opened Pandora’s music box,Let a person place oneself in profusion and colorful world instantly, cannot extricate oneself!Li li wonderful wonderful childhood love of literature and art, not only have been studying dance and art, but also at home long, early was singing their own original songs, try to believe and her sister lee beauty, continuously adhere to and accumulate in the future, will be accompanied by the growth of happiness, with the original song after another, to record the beautiful childhood,With their own unique way of music, save the happy days.Great stars with mild-manner singer with the lyrics of this song creation by famous music star of National People’s Congress, as the music charts permanent judges, Beijing musicians association of big star, was the domestic numerous first-line artists, such as Mr To I love you, Ren Jingfu bumps, yugang li, sea flute, [garbage, Wan Shanhong, yi people manufacturing, Mimi, such as one’s own record planning experts,For singer CAI Guoqing song “dream chase” many times on the CCTV stage, personally sing songs “Time flow”, “Tangshan Teenager”, “holding your hand to take off”, “song for you”, “that autumn”, “news of love”, “young secret”, “faith” and so on;For other singers, she wrote songs such as “Smell of Coffee”, “Impression Xima” and “I MISS U”. Among them, her songs “Play with The Sun and Stars” and “GRANDPA I Love You” for CCTV singer Li Meili were widely sung.Li wonderful “wonderful four seasons, hidden in the story, every day is happy and happy;Wonderful beauty, spring, summer, autumn, winter, every moment in my mind…”Smart, lively and lovely Li Wonderful sings a wonderful melody, everyone is melting in her tender singing, in the spring is full of spring, carefully taste the moving from the four seasons!The Wonderful Four Seasons Lyrics: Big Star, Tian Hong Composition: Big Star, Tian Hong Singing: Li Fantastic Production:WoShi music do you hear The wind sand la la spring wind to do my hair super lovely dalai A swallow za can be compared to see the autumn to fly away Small rain tick summer big watermelon snow or how sweet ah Snowman migo is one year older again wonderful winter four seasons Hidden in the story more happy every day happy wonderful beautySpring, summer, autumn and winter every moment in my heart every moment in my heart