Grandma takes grandson to play square, the child breaks out high fever convulsion falls down!The doctor reminds: temperature difference is larger

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Grandma took grandson to the square to play the child suddenly high fever convulsion fall!The doctor reminds: seasonal alternation temperature difference is larger!Parents must be vigilant!Once the child appears this kind of condition must seek medical treatment!- 1 – Have you been affected by the hot weather in Shiyan these two days?On March 13, the highest temperature reached 30.7℃, which was the first 30℃ in Shiyan this spring.- 2 – Grandparents and grandchildren went to play in a shopping mall in Changsha, the child suddenly fell down with a high fever!At 5pm on March 11th, four-year-old Xiao Hao, led by his grandmother, came to Changsha Hisense Square to play and go shopping.When the child was playing on his scooter, he suddenly fell backward and had convulsions. The mall staff immediately called 120 for help.After examination, Xiao Hao’s temperature was 37.8 degrees, most likely due to an upper respiratory tract infection, which triggered a febrile convulsion.Subsequently, the child was sent to the provincial people’s Hospital Tianxin Court area, to accept observation treatment.The doctor said that the occurrence of high fever convulsion in children is caused by the instability of the central nervous system and abnormal discharge of the brain when the child’s nervous system is not fully developed.If it is one or two high fever convulsions, may not have much impact, but if repeated, it will bring varying degrees of damage to the child’s brain and body.The doctor expresses, children heat sexual convulsion happens in 3 months to 6 years old, majority happens in 6 months to 3 years old, because cerebrum development is perfect after 6 years old and come on no longer, when occurrence high heat convulsion, should give drop in temperature processing decisively.Doctor remind at present is in a period of seasonal temperature difference is size children poor resistance than adults are more likely to be prone to infection convulsions, reminding parents must pay attention to prevent left left left when children temperature around 38 degrees to cooling source and treated in time | mango city