2000 kg vegetables, 24 hours, emergency delivery to Shanghai!

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This article is transferred from: March 31, the People’s Political Consultative Conference, “inverted cold” in Shencheng, another drop in temperature and rain.Two Iveco food delivery trucks parked at Jing ‘an Temple street in Jing ‘an District.The truck was loaded with 2,000 kilograms of organic vegetables donated to Shanghai by anhui Provincial Committee of China Civil Construction. After 13 hours and traveling 460 kilometers, it finally arrived at its destination before Puxi was blocked.”Go Shanghai!There was a pink piece of paper in the vegetable frame with four simple words written on it.Time goes back to 24 hours ago.”I’m trying to contact my friends at MINjian. I want to donate my vegetables to Shanghai.””Too good, we are all in the Yangtze River Delta, we are all members of the Civil construction, send vegetables into Shanghai, can help a little is a little.”After learning of the severe situation of the epidemic in Shanghai, Kuang shi, chairman of the first branch of the Anhui Provincial Direct Enterprise General Branch of China Civil Construction And Liu Yong, chairman of Anhui Yunlin Ecological Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd. hit it off.They immediately contacted CBC Shanghai Municipal Committee through CBC Anhui Provincial Committee.Zhou Hanmin, vice chairman of the CBC Central Committee and chairman of the CBC Shanghai Municipal Committee, immediately gave instructions: “Vegetables must be sent to the most needy communities to provide security for residents’ lives.”CBC Shanghai Municipal Committee acted quickly, opened daily contact records, sifted, compared, contacted, communicated and weighed repeatedly, and finally decided to donate vegetables to Jing ‘an Temple Street. Xu Jianhua, a member of CBC and general manager of Yijiakang (Shanghai) Health Service Co., LTD., was responsible for coordination and connection in Shanghai.”One, make sure you pick fresh vegetables that day, and two, pack them before you get on the bus.”Liu Yong repeatedly told the staff, everything we do is for the Shanghai staff to distribute peace of mind, residents at the table at ease.Anhui member Li Congfu has been engaged in the logistics industry for many years of advantages, in the multi coordination, considering the road conditions, designed by brother logistics and logistics on the cloud relay transportation plan, “this trip free freight, in order to express our Anhui people to help Shanghai people’s love.A truck loaded with vegetables leaves hefei at 21:56 on March 30.The drizzle made the road slippery and the driver had to slow down.At 2 am on March 31, Su Guangxian, general manager of Shanghai Shangyun Logistics Co., LTD. Hefei branch, paid close attention to the logistics progress and told drivers to pay attention to driving safety.At 3am, nanjing section of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway was stuck in traffic for three hours, and suzhou section of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway was stuck in traffic for another two hours.At 11:00 on March 31, the truck arrived at Jiading Transfer Station in Shanghai.It took 13 and a half hours to drive a car that normally takes seven or eight hours.As the big trucks could not enter the city, as soon as the vegetables arrived at the transfer station, the person in charge of Shanghai Shangyun Logistics Co., LTD. ‘s Hefei branch immediately arranged personnel to transfer 200 boxes of organic vegetables to the waiting iveco car, and drove to the city without stopping.Twenty thousand pounds of vegetables, 24 hours, wind and rain came to Shanghai Jing ‘an Temple street.”Thank you anhui Civil Construction members help.”Zhou Hanmin noted this in his circle of friends that day.