Poor people visiting New Year, will be abandoned

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The so-called worldly wisdom is to let people see the fickleness of the world.Not all sincerity is reciprocated.It is human nature to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If you want to gain respect, there is no other way but to become stronger.On New Year’s Day, the man who used to pay New Year’s greetings to his relatives set out again.Long before the Spring Festival, he bought all kinds of gifts to give during the Spring Festival.Things are common and not expensive.His financial means were limited and he could not afford much money to be respectable.He set off in his little wagon, pulling the load.In high spirits he knocked on the door of his relative’s house.Did not expect the warm welcome, a see is him, relatives just lightly said to come in.He came in a little disappointed and brought his things in.The relative looked him up and down and told him to put his things away.Perfunctory politeness, said that people come on the line, but also what gift.He sat down awkwardly, not knowing what to say.After a few pleasantries, but not even a cup of hot water, he felt embarrassed and prepared to rise to leave.Seeing that he was leaving, his relatives did not ask him to stay or even get up to see him off.After visiting the first house, he was a little depressed.The thought of a few more got me excited.Then he knocked on the doors of his relatives.He gave away all the gifts and good wishes he had prepared.But for his arrival, everyone’s attitude is very perfunctory.All the presents in the car were given away, but none of the relatives asked him to have a potluck meal.At the news of his departure, everyone rejoiced as if he had been sent away from the plague.He looked better when he walked out than when he walked in.As he drove back, his mood sank.His stomach growled unseasonably, and he hurried home to warm up the meal he had cooked the day before.I thought of the attitude of my relatives with some bitterness.It was a joyous day, but no one wished him well.It wasn’t long after he left that the group of relatives became very lively.In the group without men, a relative was the first to post a picture.The kid came back this year with the same stuff.In the picture, his New Year’s gift was left in the corner of the door.Another relative chimed in, but every year, with the same junk.It’s Chinese New Year. I don’t know what he’s doing here.His family is so poor, still have time to run around.I’m afraid he’s gonna hang around and have to get his dishes ready.It would be a bad idea to have dinner with him and be miserable.At this time, another relative came out to agree.Big New Year door can have what matter, affirmation is preparing occupy phase beg bai.There’s no such thing as free food, and that’s what he’s trying to trouble us with.His parents used to be like that, and they had a lot of shit to do with their water.These rags have to be thrown away year after year; they are useless and take up room.Everyone said a word, I a word, the man who came to pay New Year’s visit said nothing.It was full of scorn and ridicule.Because the man’s condition is not good, so his relatives are shunning him.He just wanted to catch up with his relatives and bond over the holidays.But many relatives are afraid that he has something to ask, avoid.The New Year’s gift he had worked so hard to prepare turned out to be worthless junk in someone else’s hands.The sarcasm of the relatives was not seen by the man.He was still trying to figure out if he had done something wrong to be so unlikeable.He didn’t realize that it’s difficult to form effective social relationships with people whose conditions are so different.Even if it’s a relative, it’s not an accident.He wants to maintain a relationship without money, even if the condition is not good, he will not go empty-handed.But others feel he has designs on something however, prevent to him thousand thousand, keep at a respectful distance.Most of the time, there are stereotypes between people that are hard to overcome.When you’re successful, surround yourself with good people who want to add to your success.When you have no money, there are few people around to help you.Relationships between people are not built on passion alone.The world is bustling, all for profit.Social also pay attention to match, too far apart, became high.Flattery when you are disliked is meaningless.When equality intersects, only then has the so-called relatives and friends.