Media broadcast | of the three gorges journal: a “not approved the arrest decision” judicial temperature

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Recently, “Sanxia Daily” to “a” do not approve the arrest of the decision of the judicial temperature “for the title, the people’s Procuratorate of Dangyang City in dealing with a theft case, carefully with love to carry out the criminal justice policy of” less arrest careful prosecution “practice.”Thanks to dangyang Procuratorate’s impartial law enforcement and feelings for the people, the wages of more than 200 migrant workers in our company have been secured!I will take this as a warning and contribute to economic development.”A few days ago, the person in charge of a labor construction enterprise in Dangyang city sent a banner to the People’s Procuratorate of Dangyang City, expressing gratitude to the procuratorial organs for their service guarantee and optimization of the business environment, and their duty fulfillment and display of humanistic care.The Dangyang Municipal People’s Procuratorate recently rejected the arrest of 11 employees of the company.In October 2021, the enterprise to undertake dangyang city a substation power wire for new project, similar projects in the past, are responsible for the recycling of waste wires by the enterprise, but so the amount of waste wires, so the power department commissioned a third party company for recycling.On December 18 and 19, 11 workers, including Yuan Changpeng, stole and sold the old wires when they were left unattended, earning more than 43, 000 yuan.On December 20, the third-party company alerted the police, and the next day, Yuan was arrested by dangyang city police.After Yuan Changpeng confessed and active contact, other suspects surrendered in a few days.On January 7, The Public Security Bureau of Dangyang city transferred Yuan Changpeng and 11 other people suspected of theft to dangyang People’s Procuratorate for approval of arrest.In handling the case, prosecutors learned that the father of the suspect Yuan Changpeng died on January 5, his mother was sick in bed, his two children were still young, and his wife was responsible for the food and daily life of the family. No one attended the funeral.Considering that the suspect Yuan Changpeng is a first-time offender and an accidental offender, and has meritorious service, a good attitude toward confession, and voluntarily returned the stolen goods, taking bail pending trial will not pose a danger to society, Dangyang City Procuratorate made the decision not to approve his arrest on July 7.Prosecutors also learned that the suspect jeong and others belong to the enterprise management personnel, holds the enterprise construction project information and payroll records for the year, and is being held without bond on suspicion of theft, causes the enterprise more than one project settlement is difficult, more than 200 migrant wages can’t distribute, ongoing project construction to a halt, or even affect the power grid supplied power lines.While handling cases in accordance with the law, the prosecution needs to take a comprehensive consideration to minimize the negative impact of handling cases on enterprises and people’s livelihood.After review the whole case, the court prosecutors believe that given the jeong etc. Another 10 people have surrendered, active retreat spoils the plot, lighter, and the circumstances of the crime and the victim (the third party company) understanding, according to the criminal procedure law of the People’s Republic of China article sixty-seven, article ninety-seven, on January 12, 10 people not to approve arrest decision on jeong, etc.”To fight crime, but also to save lives.”Yang Junfeng, director of the First Procuratorial Department of Dangyang City Procuratorate, told reporters that since 2021, Dangyang City Procuratorate has continuously improved the awareness of judicial service and created a good business environment under the rule of law, handling 11 business-related cases involving 31 people and 45 cases of “I do practical things for the people”.In the next step, the COURT will continue to implement the criminal justice policy of “fewer arrests, careful prosecution and careful remand” with a high degree of political awareness, the rule of law and the prosecution to help create a first-class business environment.