Jinke Shares duly paid “20 Jinke 01” and other corporate debt principal and interest subjects to maintain AAA credit

2022-05-14 0 By

In the evening of February 18th, Jinke Co., LTD. (000656) issued a notice on the selling result of “20 Jinke 01” and the interest payment of related bonds: among them, the selling amount of “20 Jinke 01” is about 1.89 billion yuan, and part of the principal will be paid back to investors on February 21st.The coupon rate of “20 Jinke 01” and “20 Jinke 02” is 6% and 6.3%, respectively, and the issue size is 1.9 billion yuan and 400 million yuan, respectively. The coupon payment date is also On February 21.The total amount of principal and interest payment of corporate bonds exceeded 2 billion yuan.On February 18, Jinke shares closed at 5.00 yuan, up 7.76%, turnover rate 3.15%, dynamic p/E ratio 3.75, total market value 26.699 billion yuan.It is reported that jinke Stock has transferred the full amount of funds to the designated repayment account of China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., LTD to ensure the timely payment of the principal and interest of “20 Jinke 01” corporate bonds and the interest of “20 Jinke 02” corporate bonds.The corporate bonds sold this time are Jinke Property Group Co.,Ltd. ‘s public issuance of corporate bonds for qualified investors in 2020 (Phase I) (Variety I) (Bond abbreviation: 20 Jinke 01;Bond code: 149037.SZ) with an issue size of 1.9 billion yuan and a maturity of 2+1 years.Up to now, all the debts of Jinke Stock have been paid in full and on schedule, maintaining a record of 100% repayment of financial debts.Good credit performance, also let the company has been recognized by rating agencies.According to the 2022 credit rating report of Jinke Stock issued by Zhongxin International, the main body of Jinke Stock maintains AAA credit rating and stable rating outlook.Upstream news chief reporter Liu Yong intern Li Yearning