Heze protects “the kidney of the earth” to release ecological dividend

2022-05-14 0 By

Reporter Jiang Xin Correspondent Gao Yuhua report heze news peony elegant, rich and auspicious, meaning people’s yearning for a better life.Buying peony and sending peony have gradually become the new fashion of people’s consumption demand.During the Spring Festival just past, rich and lucky, colorful peonies became the “new favorite” of many citizens.As early as the Spring Festival eve, in heze Kao Peony Industrial Park peony greenhouse, a pot of pink plastic bag wrapped peony, in the coordination of three or two workers, quickly packed into special packing boxes.One side of the “express little brother” is buried in counting the delivery list.”I started packing at 7 in the morning and was busy until about 5 in the afternoon. At least two or three hundred POTS of peonies were distributed every day.”Heze Kao Peony industrial park director Zhao Wenshuang told reporters that the park has a total of more than 30 peony greenhouses, there are nearly 50 thousand POTS of peony urging flowers, more than 50 varieties.From the 10th day of the twelfth lunar month, urging peony into the sales season, demand exceeds supply.Zhao said that through the improvement of the special foam boxes for peony urging, the peonies sold in the park can safely and quickly “fly” into the homes of consumers, so that consumers can enjoy the beauty of the “national flower” peonies during the Spring Festival.This year’s Spring Festival sales season, Heze rush flower peony reached more than 400,000 POTS, an increase of 100,000 POTS last year, sales are still hot.There are still a few days before the Spring Festival, Heze urge peony has sold more than 90%, good quality urge peony in short supply.Market price is standard according to quality, in basin peony is in commonly 80, 120 yuan between, big basin peony is in 100, 150 yuan between.One year in advance of the urging flower peony price in 300 yuan or so.In terms of sales channels, online sales reached more than 70%.Source: Dazhong Daily