Flange connection of coated steel pipe

2022-05-14 0 By

Coated plastic steel pipe is a new type of pipe developed in China, both inside and outside the coated plastic protective layer, the middle is reinforced welded steel pipe or seamless bearing steel pipe composite structure, to overcome the steel pipe itself is easy to rust, corrosion, high pollution, plastic pipe strength is low, easy to deformation defects,The integration of steel pipe and plastic products belong to the common excellent use of environmental protection products.Coated plastic steel pipe, also known as coated plastic composite pipe, is a kind of steel – plastic composite pipe.What kind of pipe is coated steel pipe?The process is made by dissolving a layer of polyethylene (PE) resin or powder with thickness of ~1.0mm in the inner wall of steel pipe.
Coating plastic pipe has many advantages but also has its disadvantages, that is coated plastic tube in the welding will damage the anti-corrosion layer, the destruction of the anticorrosive coating will directly affect the service life of the pipeline, so the factory produced a variety of connection mode to avoid this from happening, and connections are threaded connection, groove connection, flange connection, socket connection, etc., today we focus on the flange connection.Flange connection Coated plastic steel pipe groove coated plastic steel pipe flange connection coated plastic steel pipe flange connection is to weld a corresponding type of flange at both ends of the steel pipe and then coated with plastic treatment, so that the coating will cover the flange and the overall structure of the steel pipe.After arriving at the site, there is no need for manual welding, just bolt the flanges at both ends of the steel pipe together.Flange connection to prevent a sealing gasket, so that you can avoid leakage of the connection area.Flange connection and solve the bad effects of damaging the coating and increase the work efficiency can be said to kill two birds with one stone.