Beijing Winter Olympics main torch “big snowflake”, made in Ningbo!And this, I haven’t seen in 100 years!

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Last night, the Olympic torch was lit at the Bird’s Nest in a way it had never been lit before.Subverting ideas!”Micro fire” unprecedented cauldron and ignition method, has always been the most eye-catching part of the opening ceremony.In this year’s earliest disclosure about the opening ceremony of the interview, director Zhang Yimou will reveal the plot, ignition is expected to be the biggest highlight, “the 100 years of Olympic history has not appeared,” it can be said to hang the appetite of the audience.The final surprise of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was revealed as the last torchbearer placed the torch in the middle of the snowflake.The use of “micro fire” ignition method, unprecedented.Whether it was the arrow of god at the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics or the trapeze at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the result was a burning fire.In this way, “every minute, it burns a lot of fuel, from the Winter Olympics to the Paralympics, for more than a month.The flaming torch is certainly a symbol of the Olympic spirit, but I have been wondering whether it is not enough environmental protection?This time, the last leg of the torch doesn’t need to go to anything.This small flame will continue to burn for more than a month. It conveys the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection.”Zhang can guess that this might be a subversive idea for many audiences who are used to big fires. “Whether you like it or not, the message is clear: the torch represents the world, and lighting is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.It will be a classic moment in Olympic history.””Almost all the torches in the past have reflected their own culture and design, but ours has the names of all the delegations written on it. It is made from every snowflake in the world, which has not been seen in 100 years.”Zhang yimou said.Brother love you dog cub: Snowflake center is flame bold innovation too absolutely did not wake up MSX: micro fire age micro, will live forever!Together to the future Stone xiaoman: this torch, thought of also did not think of…Thought of the snow is the torch, but did not expect this form of · Wood evening · : ice and fire silent big night sleep person: snow throughout!!Each national team surround the torch in the middle!!Beautiful and artistic conception of Beijing Winter Olympics main torch “big snowflake” made in Ningbo!Many people do not know that the ground core installation system of the Olympic torch was designed by Zhejiang Dafeng Industrial Co., LTD from Ningbo.The ground device system of the main torch consists of three parts: LED chassis, the main torch auxiliary turnover lifting device and step lifting device.The main torch is designed according to the concept of green and sustainable development.The fuel for the main flame is hydrogen, which ensures that it can be used in extremely cold weather and can resist wind force 10.The ground devices of the main torch are all designed and manufactured with environmentally friendly materials and processes.Turn the main torch lifting device drive system consisting of four sets of large and precise rack mechanism, for up to 9 meters rack in dafeng unique control system under the precise control of different height rotation Angle, complete complex curve movement, with four two dial one thousand jins QiaoJin will flame in a graceful arc clever for 8 meters high, which in turn will be sent to the main torch volley overhead,It was an unprecedented initiative.The step lifting device is designed with ingenious turn-over compensation device, so that the 24 steps, which symbolize the Culture of the 24 solar terms of China, are always automatically kept level and the height difference is the same. Even if the steps are in motion, the torchbearers can climb up the steps.The ground core installation system of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games is a race project with time and environment.The ground of the Bird’s Nest site is covered with large LED screens, which cannot withstand large cargo. The core device system on the ground should be installed in the steel frame of the lifting platform in the central area of the Bird’s Nest, which is a major challenge for this installation.Dafeng innovatively adopted a 260-ton crane with a lifting span of more than 60 meters and a single piece of ground core equipment was lifted into the central lifting platform at the Bird’s Nest passageway for splice installation, which was recognized by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, the supervision group and experts.It is understood that as one of the key construction units of the Current Winter Olympics construction project, Dafeng in addition to the research and development of “sports display interactive presentation terminal” to improve the atmosphere effect of competition venues, Dafeng also completed the seat system for 75% of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics venues with audience seats.The seat raw materials in cold resistance, flame retardant and other aspects have reached the international leading level, the seat has a long service life, discarded seats can also be recycled, crushed raw materials can be recycled, no pollution to the environment.This shows that in these invisible details, Dafeng has started to focus on using environmentally friendly processes to eliminate carbon emissions from production.Source: Ningbo Evening News editor: Zhuang Xuemin (Zhejiang Wanli University) proofread: Liu Zhou review: Yang Jie cheer for the Beijing Winter Olympics