Baqiao District Eighth Kindergarten held the 2022 spring semester work conference

2022-05-14 0 By

Sunshine News (Reporter Liu Jie, correspondent Chang Yumin) In order to ensure the orderly development of the new semester, On February 14, Xi ‘an No. 8 Kindergarten baqiao District held the 2022 spring semester work conference.The meeting was presided over by principal He Xiaojie and attended by all faculty and staff.The first part of the principal he Xiaojie conveyed the meeting spirit and document content of the school work, encouraged everyone to continue to uphold unity and cooperation, solid and enterprising style of work in the New Year, strengthen responsibility and mission, pioneering and innovative, and promote the work to a new level.In the second part, the heads of all departments made detailed arrangements for normalizing epidemic prevention and control work, safety work, education and teaching work, etc.Part III Principal He Xiaojie organized teachers to study the work Plan for spring 2022, and made detailed arrangements from the aspects of conservation education, training, teaching and research, safety management, home co-education, health care, epidemic prevention and control, and administrative management, so that each faculty and staff knew the focus and development direction of this semester.I believe that in the new semester, all the staff of The Ba Qiao District No. 8 Kindergarten will be able to actively participate in the work with huhu Vigor and vitality, and forge ahead with hard work to chart a new chapter of the eight children!