Wang Jing: Consolidating achievements and opening a new bureau of rural revitalization

2022-05-13 0 By

Shangluo News Network:The city’s rural revitalization system should follow the decision and deployment of the 12th Plenary Session of the fourth CPC Municipal Committee, focus on the overall goal of building “one capital and four districts”, continue to consolidate and expand the achievements in poverty alleviation, take the “four modernizations” as the entry point, continue to promote rural revitalization, and persistently improve the quality and efficiency of the work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers.We will strive to achieve the goals of consolidating and upgrading our achievements, opening a new chapter in rural vitalization, and forging ahead to achieve first-class development.In our specific work, we will focus on “protecting the bottom line, focusing on development and promoting revitalization,” firmly guarding the bottom line of preventing poverty from returning to poverty on a large scale, and focus on ten tasks. First, we will consolidate the results.We will strictly implement the requirements for ensuring the safety of drinking water, preventing dropout rates and ensuring school attendance, providing subsidies for people with the following categories of social insurance, and ensuring safe drinking water. We will focus on strengthening dynamic monitoring of rural housing, speeding up post-disaster reconstruction, and continuously improving the safety of drinking water, social security, and social security.Second, we will provide solid monitoring assistance.We will implement grid and information-based monitoring, strengthen dynamic monitoring and help, make help more timely, targeted and accurate, effectively prevent and resolve the risks of returning to poverty, and ensure early detection, early intervention and early help.Third, we will focus on industrial employment.We will promote industrial projects to reach households in towns and villages, constantly improve the quality of project database construction, strengthen the rural collective economy, focus on increasing the rate of access to microcredit loans, actively promote the implementation of the “loan to enrich the people”, and organize the implementation of industrial assistance projects to help households.We will strengthen the transfer of workers out of poverty to other jobs, step up the development and management of public service jobs, and ensure that the income of people lifted out of poverty grows faster than that of farmers, and that of farmers in counties and regions grows faster than that of farmers nationwide.Four is to grasp the relocation after the help.We will ensure that migrant workers stay on their posts and find jobs, clarify the management matters and responsibilities of their places of residence and residence, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of those who have moved.We will strengthen community governance and the supply of basic public services, and continue to promote social integration.Fifth, we will provide solid social assistance.We will do a better job of providing designated assistance by the central government, deepen cooperation between peaceful businesses, and promote the action of “Revitalizing 10,000 villages through 10,000 enterprises”. We will continue to deepen social assistance and form a strong synergy.Sixth, we will do a solid job in rural development.We will formulate rural plans in a scientific way, focus on improving the rural living environment, steadily advance the toilet revolution, sewage and garbage treatment, and improve the overall appearance of villages. We will help develop key counties, and create a number of demonstration counties, towns, and villages.Seventh, we will do a solid job in rural governance.With the focus on strengthening community-level organizations, we will further improve the system of rural governance, learn from the experience gained in innovations such as the points-based and billing systems, and focus on demonstration to improve rural governance.Eighth, we will do a solid job in social programs.We will carry out trials and demonstrations to integrate county, town, and village public services, innovate the supply model of rural public services, and explore the formulation of local standards, systems, mechanisms, and policy systems for integrating public services.Ninth, we need to make solid efforts in overall planning and coordination.We will continue to deepen the “five strengthening and five ensuring” working mechanisms, further establish and improve the five mechanisms of monitoring and assistance, responsibility implementation, work promotion, performance appraisal, and inspection and secret visits, and encourage all departments at all levels to fulfill their duties and do their best to fight.Tenth, we will do a good job in publicity and training.Promote cadre training at different levels, comprehensively improve the theoretical level and practical ability of cadres at all levels, comprehensively use all kinds of media, strengthen positive publicity, tell shangluo stories well, and create a good atmosphere for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.(The author is Wang Jing, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Director of the Municipal Rural Development Administration)