Please stop eating these 5 kinds of fish, which may contain formaldehyde and heavy metals

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Fish is a kind of substance most people like to eat, fish taste very good, and fish has a good meaning in Our country, Chinese cuisine occupies a high position, in the New Year represents more than every year, fish is indispensable for Chinese New Year parties.Fish of of all kinds, many different kinds of fish, usually like to eat fish friend, want to make delicious meat, will to the vegetable market to buy fresh fish, live fish to the fish is delicious, by freezing storage for a long time of dead fish to taste worse than live fish, everyone to the vegetable market to buy fish need to pay attention to also can not buy a lot of live fish,Be careful not to buy these fish, however cheap they are.01 tip:This “five types of fish eat less as far as possible, or containing formaldehyde and heavy metals, smell heavy fish fish species of all kinds, fishy mainly related to growth in the sea, you need to pay attention to when buying fish fish prices, many merchants caught the heart to the health of the fish on the market to replace, switch to low fish, the fish can’t get the guarantee of quality.Cheap fish have a strong odor, chemicals and diesel fumes that you need to smell when you buy them.When we buy fish, do not buy any more, because the growing environment of this fish is polluted, the body contains heavy metals, too much intake will lead to formaldehyde rise, increase the risk of disease.People who often visit seafood markets will find many small fish sellers always display a lot of strange fish on the ground. Strange fish usually have different sizes and mottled scales. The biggest disadvantage of deformed fish is that it is relatively cheap to attract people’s attention with low price.Deformed fish looks strange, because the body of deformed fish deteriorates, loses nutrients, and contains heavy metals and formaldehyde. Frequent ingestion of deformed fish will increase the burden on the liver and affect the health of the body.For your health, buy fresh fish instead of cheap misshapen ones.- wild fish market wild fish is very common, everyone will be dedicated to buy this kind of fish, this kind of fish nutrition value is very high, wild fish are unsafe, in recent years, the industry in the development of our country, with the increase of polluting factories, sewage emissions by the sea, Marine fish part to survive in this environment, polluted by the factory after the wild fish body absorb heavy metals.Heavy metals are difficult to excrete in the body of wild fish, so there are toxins in the body of this kind of fish. Buying this kind of fish will affect the stomach, easily cause nausea and vomiting in the stomach, and seriously cause body poisoning. It is recommended that you do not buy this kind of wild fish.– Too big or too small For most people, like to eat big fish and meat, think fish more tender, vibrant, this idea is wrong, it is recommended to choose 8 points when buying fish.Fish body size is too small, not fresh, fish bones will be a lot of, the body size is large, indicating that the fish is relatively old, meat quality is not fresh, the body may contain a lot of garbage toxins, so when buying fish must pay attention to the size of the fish., eel friends prefer to eat eel, fish and other fish want to contrast, more exquisite, smooth, and eel such little fish bones, for growth environment is dirty, often with silt, lead to heavy metals and eel body parasite, often eat eel, consume, heavy metal exceeds bid will appear, when you eat eel, need eel to clean clean.Guide to Summer Regimen