Li Liang Lei helpless: Wang Lee-hom refused to pay child alimony, cut off her financial sources, even the court help him

2022-05-13 0 By

Eating celebrities’ old melons during the Winter Olympics may have been a bit of a challenge, but once again, Wang Leehom and Li Jinglei topped the list.It was just before the Spring Festival that Wang was refused permission to take his three friends to visit their children. At that time, Li Lianglei wrote a long article accusing Wang of threatening her personal safety and exposing evidence that he had bought a water army.After that, they both fell into silence, and we all lived peacefully for a year.Until February 10, a strange net friend broke the news, let their divorce flames again.What happened is that a netizen revealed that he saw all the content and the latest progress of wang Lee-hom and Li Jinglei’s divorce proceedings through the New York court.Basically, wang asked the court to judge Li for failing to abide by the agreements she had signed, which generally mean failing to abide by custody agreements and property distribution judgments.Netizens also pointed out that Li has yet to submit any evidence of Wang’s infidelity, while Wang has provided 11.So guess, if the court really make a judgment on Li Lianglei, so she is likely to be sentenced to six months of punishment or a fine.However, netizens are curious why every time there is bad news about Li Lianglei, it is through someone other than Wang Leehom’s mouth, is Wang Bought the water army or there is another inside story?Whether or not Wang intentionally blackmailed Li, Li responded in a timely manner after netizens broke the news.First of all, Li Liang Lei on the net friend broke the time to make the question.She said she had the evidence ready, not not to submit it, but to do so by February 11, 2022 New York time, as required.And this strange net friend just want to submit evidence in her one day to break the news, seems to be sima Zhao’s heart road is well known.As for wang’s 11 pieces of evidence, Li Lianglei said that they are not consistent with the facts.Second, this case is anonymous, only known to the person involved.Why can this net friend be queried through the net and break the news so detailed?Who leaked the information, or did the thief shout “Stop thief”?Li liang Lei not only dissatisfaction with Wang Leehom, even for the New York court’s approach also expressed doubts.Leehom wang at the end of January proposed emergency changes to the visitation plan of the lawsuit, and Li Lianglei party in the court only an hour before the hearing, the point is that the court also agreed to Leehom Wang’s proposal.Wang Lee-hom accused Li Liang-lei of not following the agreement to do, Li Liang-lei accused Wang Lee-hom of violating the provisions of the agreement, and the court is biased to Wang Lee-hom, resulting in Li Liang-lei can only seek recognition through weibo voice.Li Lianglei is very helpless, since the Court in New York does not help themselves, considering that the child has been living in Taiwan, then turned to the court in Taipei, Taiwan, put forward the relevant statement, hoping to protect their rights and interests and children.In their game, Li Liang Lei is good at sending a small composition to incite the emotions of netizens to take sides, and Wang Leehom is good at through the mouth of others to expose refute, he is secretly silent voice dry “big”.Li Lianglei has been giving birth and raising children since her marriage. She has no independent career and no reliable economic source, and relies on Wang Leehom for material support.Although Wang Lee-hom wrote a small composition but Li Liang Lei, but he is not vegetarian.He froze Ms. Li’s accounts and real estate, refused to pay child support, cut off her financial resources and challenged a New York court to force her to pay hefty legal fees.Compared to the beginning of the small composition to occupy the upper hand li Liang Lei, at the moment her situation is very awkward.If Taiwan’s courts fall in wang’s favor, her fate will be worrying.In terms of reputation, economic background and social network resources, Wang Lee-hom is far better than Li Lianglei. Even if, as Li Lianglei said, Wang Lee-hom bought him, then Wang Lee-hom has a very good chance of winning.The only chance for Li to turn the tables is if she really submits strong evidence against Wang leehom, which of course must be true.Things have developed so far, the attitude of Internet users to their marriage war, from the beginning of the side to remain neutral and then to disgust, has no feeling.In the Winter Olympics athletes actively win glory for the country, really not many people are willing to eat some indigestion of entertainment melon, we have said that do not let them occupy more public resources, let them solve the family affairs of the stars privately!