The south of the baby, together to help the Winter Olympics 01 | the former wave stick, after the wave emerged: star roller skating team dream ice rink

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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games are approaching with great anticipation.Although students in Guangdong, located in the South of the Lingnan Mountains, cannot play wild in the snow and ice and feel the temperature of the snow and ice, their enthusiasm for the snow and ice sports does not decrease.Many schools to meet the love of ice and snow sports, opens the ice and snow sports venues and early courses, and in the “three hundred million people participate in ice and snow sports” and “dongfeng” of the 2022 Beijing Olympics, guangdong positive response national exhibition “north south west expansion eastward” development strategy, the ice and snow sports diversified development, the remarkable achievements.Recently, the Education department of Guangdong Province announced the 2022 Sports competition plan for students in Guangdong Province, and there are a lot of winter sports.On the occasion of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Spring Festival, Yangcheng Evening News launched a special report on the Winter Olympic Games — children from south China, together to help the Winter Olympic Games.Come and experience the enthusiasm of the school and students to help with ice sports.This winter holiday, Guangzhou Panyu Zhixin Middle School star roller skating team training rhythm did not slow down because of the holiday.On the ice of the training hall, the heavily armed players galloped past with the wind under their feet. The white ice flakes splashed from the blades and the fast-moving black puck played “fast and furious”.Founded in 2012, the roller skating team has witnessed the rise of ice and snow sports over the past 10 years, as well as the success of players in pursuit of gold and silver MEDALS in competitions.Last year, the first real ice gym in Guangdong province was established in Zhixin Middle School in Panyu. The team members have better training conditions and are confident to compete in higher level competitions in the future.On the afternoon of January 27, the reporter watched the regular training and competition of the roller skating team in the ice and snow sports hall of Zhixin Middle School in Panyu, Guangzhou.Pressure step change direction, group grab, fast sliding……The players beat fast and the crowd held their breath.In order to maintain the ice surface, the indoor temperature is only 2 degrees Celsius, many spectators are down jackets, the athletes only single clothes, still hot sweat straight, can be seen the fierce competition, physical energy consumption.”We change players every minute during games,” one player told reporters. “Ice hockey is a game of explosive power.”At present, this team is a mixed-age team, including college students majoring in ice hockey who came back from winter vacation to join the training, and primary school students who have just studied for more than one year. Their head coach, Zhang Guolong, is a former member of the national roller skating team, who once went to war for China and competed with the hockey powers, and has achieved great achievements.When they skate across the ice together, it seems that they also draw a picture of guangzhou ice and snow sports in the past ten years in the campus of vigorous development, prosperity.Why has hockey attracted generations of students to the sport?How did they get involved with hockey?Zhang Guolong, a coach born after 1985, grew up in Guangzhou and first encountered roller skating in middle school.At that time, the training conditions were quite simple. The basketball court laid on the cement floor was the roller skating training ground. Due to the lack of protective measures, falling and bumping injuries were common.In those days, ice and snow sports were a rarity, with only a few competitions a year.Despite the limited conditions, Zhang guolong got into Harbin Institute of Physical Education because of his love of roller skating.Then he went to the World Championship and became the head coach of China National Youth Team and Guangzhou Men’s Ice Hockey Team.He has witnessed the progress of the national ice and snow program, as well as the booming development of guangzhou roller hockey program.Zhuang Haojie, one of Zhang’s students, majored in ice hockey at Harbin Institute of Physical Education, is also a graduate of Zhixin Middle School.Before the Spring Festival this year, he returned to the sports hall of his Alma mater to train with younger students.By the time he was in high school, the outdoor arena had been turned into a professional roller skating arena, although there were no real ice gymnasiums.At the age of 15, he participated in the 13th National Games and became the youngest player of the Guangdong Cougar roller skating team.He said he still has to work on his skills and will definitely develop into ice hockey in the future.The main players of the star roller skating team are still a group of schoolchildren.Despite their young age, several of them have experience in major sporting events.Qiu Zeyao, a grade 6 student, has been studying ice hockey for five and a half years. “I have won the Championship of Guangdong Provincial Championship and many other honors, big and small. I hope I can play better and better in international competitions in the future!I love the feeling of grinding when the ice stops!”He said he used to get sick easily, but after hockey practice, his body is stronger and his personality is much more cheerful.Han Jiajun, captain of the ice hockey team, will represent Guangzhou in the provincial Games this year. “I will strive for good results for Guangzhou and win glory for our school,” he told the reporter seriously.The size of the star roller skating team is the epitome of many young guangzhou ice and snow.Nowadays, more and more children go to the ice rink and have their own unique and unforgettable “frozen”.The persistence of the former wave and the emergence of the latter wave make the most vivid footnote for the spirit of ice and snow by facing difficulties and persevering attitude.The ice and snow Sports Hall of Guangzhou Panyu Zhixin Middle School will be officially put into use in early 2021, with an ice surface of about 400 square meters.Now children can feel the ice and snow in the warm south without leaving school.Zhang Jie, director of the school’s International Education Department, told reporters that the school has always attached great importance to students’ quality education.Before the completion of the ice and snow sports hall, the school had opened sports such as rock climbing, trampoline and golf.Operation management the project into money, but spare no efforts to do, because the school think that these activities for children quality education training very meaningful, “they contact, the more ideas will be more broad, we want them to feel that the school is not only a place of learning, it is a fun place.”Now, from grade one of primary school to grade three of junior high school, every panyu chengxin student can enjoy the joy of ice.The school currently offers basic skating and ice hockey courses, of which basic skating is integrated into the school-based curriculum as part of the regular physical education.Each skating lesson is attended by about 12 to 15 students and supervised by two professional instructors to ensure children’s safety.For children who feel that regular PHYSICAL education is “not enough to eat” and want to further improve their level, the school also offers intensive training in holidays, from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., focusing on 10 days of training, the improvement effect is better.Grade 2 student Su Weitong just contact ice hockey for a year and a half, is currently the youngest member of the star roller skating team, although the technology is still relatively young, now can follow the pace of the team brother and sister, play well.His father happily told reporters that Su Weitong in this year and a half of learning, rapid progress, mixed age training also let him have reference, comparison, his brothers and sisters are the target of his pursuit.Zhang said the school has been educating students about ice hockey, curling, figure skating and other ice sports.”The rink is big enough for primary and secondary schools, and we are doing a rollout of basic courses on ice and snow.The school provides a foundation, a platform for children to develop on their own if they are interested.”At present, the ice and snow Sports center has been in operation for just one year and is still in the trial operation stage. The hardware equipment and services are still being tested, but the benefits have radiated to the surrounding area of the school, and many parents and tourists have been attracted to ice on the Open Day of the school.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Sun Wei