The first leg of the uefa Champions League round of 16 in-depth interpretation of Messi and Argentina against Brazil

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Beijing time 2022-02-16 Wednesday, the first leg of the champions League 16 strong war began, among which Paris Saint-Germain host against Real Madrid’s game is very eye-catching, the lineup of dominant Messi Argentina team will be able to successfully beat Brazil’s new star Vinicius Brazil team?One leaf zhiqiu brings you the in-depth analysis of this game.Paris st germain in the domestic league is still in a dominant position, and now with great advantages of integral table first, with its strength cast in ligue 1 title has no suspense, the team every season in the champions league title for the build team goals, team this season for superstar Lionel messi, deputy ramos to real Madrid, AC milan goalkeeper naaru horse,Supplement the wiener, doom, ashraf in a golden age and the strength of the promising players, obvious effectiveness of Paris st germain ascension, but in terms of actual combat, the team in the champions league is the competition on only won three home, away defeat to Manchester city, RB and bruges in leipzig, no showed stronger competition dominance,Therefore, 16 of the champions league came to the team to face the test will be bigger, and this in the face of challenges from Spanish giants real Madrid, if can’t make good use of always fighting strength guaranteed home, the prospect of the Paris st germain will be quite dim, but recent team on his return from injury status remains to be proven, and ramos life still can’t wait.Real Madrid in the Spanish league table at present, this season at Barcelona squad split strength damage cases, real Madrid occupy la liga table is not uncommon, and city rivals atletico Madrid this season performance is not satisfactory, relatively easy in the league is no rivals, real Madrid team on real Madrid this season signings much cry and little wool,But from bayern Munich to Allah, maximum increase of team strength, though much pen failed to reinforcements, from another aspect also is to let the original squad is more stable and forming, not competitiveness, at least will not fall, the competition from the champions league is two wins inter milan, eventually 5-1 record also telling, now came to 16 knockout,Is the real test of real Madrid’s strength, but at the moment real’s form is slightly off, after the Spanish super Cup victory last five games only one win, so the trip to Greater Paris is not small.Events at the beginning of index and a greater home 0.5 transfer with high returns, instant index maintain and concessions, at the beginning of a greater return slightly raised, this showdown between two team strength infinite close to a greater possession at home, and home fighting capacity is also very assured, plus the real’s recent performance slightly depressed, the battle to win scales slightly inclined to a greater natural side,But the champions league occupy obvious advantage in the competition the two sides battle record real Madrid, so institutions to set up index of life and death, have no chance to draw a greater, showing support for a greater strength is quite high, from a tactical level, two round competition a greater need to make a storm in the home, while real Madrid is a model of defensive counter-attack,Both sides under the condition of power is clearly not lose each other, nature is in a defensive one more advantage, then real Madrid has a win or a draw under the index refers to win two cheap, only to win a greater the huashan one way, since institutions to give greater retreat, real Madrid is not underwhelming lot again, so is actually that of the greater this can win recognition,PSG can win at home today.One leaf knows autumn reference: Paris Saint-Germain -0.5