Rongjiang New District traffic police brigade into the countryside to carry out “beautiful village” traffic safety publicity activities

2022-05-12 0 By

In order to further strengthen the publicity of traffic safety in rural areas, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents in rural areas, during the Spring Festival travel, rongjiang New District traffic police brigade civilian auxiliary police into the area of the village to carry out the “beautiful village” traffic safety into the countryside publicity and education activities.In the activity, the auxiliary police aimed at the rural drivers’ weak awareness of traffic safety, relatively weak safety management and the characteristics of farmers’ travel, through “chatting with family”, distributing publicity materials, explaining cases and other ways, to promote road traffic safety knowledge to the villagers.Detailed ride motorcycles, electric cars not sending helmet, overload, driving without a license, distracted driving, speeding, drunken driving, tractors, low-speed truck and three-wheeled vehicles, storage battery illegal manned hazards such as traffic violations of the law and consequences, combined with recent typical rural traffic accident cases, preaching to the masses of rural road traffic safety considerations.The auxiliary police also issued “One Helmet area” traffic safety publicity materials for the villagers, advocating the masses to improve traffic safety awareness, legal awareness, civilization awareness, abandon bad traffic habits, and achieve civilized and safe travel.This activity, through the face to face on the traffic safety knowledge, the traffic law and accident case, distribute the traffic safety propaganda materials and propaganda materials such as form, called for the villagers to voluntarily traffic violations, improve their safety consciousness, do civilized traffic participants, practitioners, the formation of civilization traffic all participation, all share a good atmosphere.