Jaguar XEL new upgrade, give you a different exquisite driving experience

2022-05-12 0 By

As a new British luxury sports car, Jaguar XFL has a unique design beauty, sensual driving experience, forward-looking technology and rigorous manufacturing philosophy, extremely creative and attractive.The new Jaguar XFL is a comprehensive upgrade in interior, materials and technology, just to give users a comfortable, luxurious, intelligent exquisite driving experience.Surging, moves the senses the feeling natural jaguar XEL adopted lightweight aluminum design, all of them, and the 2.0 T4 cylinder turbocharged petrol engine can bring about great power in torque output, make it a top speed of 240 km/h, maximum torque of 365 n · m, hundreds of kilometers as long as the lowest 7.3 seconds faster, let users enjoy the surging driving experience.Meanwhile, the jaguar XEL’s 8-gear automatic transmission provides a no-lag shift experience in just 0.2 seconds.Unique “Driving controller” adjustable dynamic mode and active air intake grille can instantly bring the leopard force race feeling, tantalize the user’s driving sense.Luxury style, unique Brand new Jaguar XEL with outstanding elegant gene and the blood of the racing car concept collision fusion, water type turn lights combined with the signature J-Blade leopard front eye LED headlights, elegant and sporty.The diamond-cut wheels and yacht-like embrace cockpit make jaguar XEL show a new style of fashion and luxury.Luxury Windsor leather handmade double needle sewing process, luxury interior atmosphere lights, sliding panoramic skylight and air negative ion generator, active noise reduction system can bring users a unique luxury driving experience.Balancing the core and confidently handling the new Jaguar XEL’s body weight ratio is close to the 50:50 of a professional-class car, which ensures that the vehicle’s center of gravity is in the center of the vehicle when cornered, perfectly maintaining the balance of the vehicle and bringing users better control fun.At the same time, the sports car class aluminum alloy double fork arm front suspension design and front and rear drive structure, can provide excellent acceleration and control performance, so that users can enjoy the driving experience in the street or the city.The new Jaguar XEL combines a variety of innovative technologies in one.Hd ultra wide Angle streaming media inner rearview mirror with night view enhancement function, 12.3-inch full LCD virtual dashboard, InControl OS 2.0 intelligent controlling dual-screen deluxe touch system and full and second-generation HD full-color head-up display system (HUD),It can display vehicle information, driving assistance function information, entertainment communication and 3D map images on five screens.Users can easily receive information without bowing their heads, so that users have a superior experience of safety, health and comfort.The Jaguar XEL is also equipped with Jaguar Drive driving control system, which upgrades steering and throttle sensitivity and offers four driving modes, including standard, economy, dynamic and rain/snow, for an intelligent travel experience.The all-new Jaguar XEL, with both interior and exterior features, not only retains jaguar’s flair for racetracks, but also provides an elegant and luxurious driving experience that allows users to find their own driving pleasure in a dull life.