How to spend the Local New Year?The guide has been sorted out for you, be sure to see the last yo!

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Xiao Zhang’s parents!This Spring Festival, I will not go back home, local New Year!For Chinese people, the most important “New Year flavor” of the Spring Festival is reunion, but in recent years, the Spring Festival flavor has a “great” undertone. Some people stick to their posts to ensure people’s livelihood. Some people join volunteer teams to help everyone in need.More numerous ordinary people choose to open the local Chinese New Year mode to contribute to the normal prevention and control of the epidemic Xiao Zhang homeward boring how to do?I plan to eat hot pot for seven days during the Spring Festival. I asked my mother how to make my favorite dumplings stuffed with pork and leek. I learned in advance how to do a person’s New Year’s Eve.Last year’s Eve dinner my father and mother is so eat, mother cooking skills is very good, looking at a table full of food, I almost left saliva here.My mother also told me not to worry about my family, because the community has done a good job in dealing with the situation, and there are still many disinfectants and masks at home.So we eat dinner together to see the Spring Festival Gala, but also at zero count together “five, four, three, two, one!”.With last year’s experience, make sure your phone is fully charged early this year.Sun Peng has a beautiful thing in order to see the Spring Festival Gala specially bought a projector!– I want two XiYoui buy clothes for my mother.Wearing new clothes for Chinese New Year has always been a tradition in our family, and this year is no exception.My mother and I set a good time in advance, to the mall to open the video began to talk, I gave my mother picked several western-style clothes, whether it is color or style are particularly suitable.After buying the clothes, I packed them and sent them out. I couldn’t wait to see what mom looked like in her new clothes.– Yuan Yuan performing in a wechat group.Because the family can not get together, uncle specially planned an “online family Spring Festival Gala”, everyone in the family has to come up with their own unique skills: uncle three has been preparing rap these days, two aunt is busy watching the teaching video of the ethnic dance teacher, even my father took out the suona from under the bed to practice…The family is very looking forward to this “Spring Festival Gala”, do not know what will happen on that day.We can sing together in different places.My date and I met at a concert, and we really hit it off. We thought we were in tune.Although we can’t spend the Spring Festival together, we can still sing online. Our music library has been updated, ranging from confession balloons to Mojito.I don’t know what will happen in the spring party this year, there will be new songs to sing!– Chunlan has prepared some New Year’s goods (*^▽^*) — There are more ways to get together in qingqing’s dress line. I believe you must have more special ideas.And no matter through what means, as long as the hearts are together, distance is not an obstacle.And family “cloud reunion”, is also the Chinese New Year.Have you figured out how to spend it?Vote and let us know!Pictures, text source network, such as infringement, contact deletion