Zhangshu Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau strengthened field management and guidance of winter vegetables

2022-05-11 0 By

In order to ensure the stability of vegetable prices during the Spring Festival, vegetable farmers stable yield and income, Zhangshu City Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs for the current low temperature weather, sent agricultural technical personnel to the villages and towns of the field to guide vegetable farmers to do a good job in winter field management: a timely topdressing, pouring the decomposed human excrement and urine, biogas slurry 500-700 kg per mu or urea 7-8 kg per mu;In case of rain or snow, the snow on the roof of the shed should be cleaned in time to avoid snow crushing the greenhouse;Manual weeding or chemical weeding on sunny days;Four drainage anti – stains (timely cleaning three trenches, reduce humidity, keep the ditch connected);5. Strengthen the management of ventilation and light exposure. The vegetables in the shed should be properly ventilated and light exposed around noon on sunny days;Do well in disease and insect pest control.