The last 24 hours!Li Xiaopeng 4 answers let Li Tie shame, with Wu Xi strong stance dead knock Japan

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On January 26, Beijing time, The Chinese national football team will face Japan in the summit dialogue in 24 hours, the game is very important for the national football team, after all, there is a theoretical hope of reaching the World Cup.Now, if China wins all 4 games, there is still a slight chance of qualifying for the second place in the group, but what does it mean to lose to Japan?It means that the national football team can only fight for the third group, and fight for the third group meaning is not big, you have to go to play with group A third game, after playing to play South America’s fifth place, the national football team played South America’s fifth how to kick it?In this case, the national football team must preserve the last glimmer of hope.But now Li Xiaopeng’s last press conference came, this time Li Xiaopeng answered four questions, emotional intelligence is indeed much higher than Li Tie, of course, on the other hand, Li Xiaopeng is also very aggressive hidden danger.First of all, a reporter asked him directly: this was the first game he led the National football team after taking office. What did he think?Li Xuepeng said that we all know that Japan is the first in Asia, so I hope the players play a request, do not have too much burden, hope to focus on their own, calm down to play their own characteristics and things.In addition, the second question is about the state of the returning overseas players. As for the three returning overseas players, Li Xiaopeng’s attitude is that all the three returning overseas players can play, there is no problem in their physical state, and there is no need to worry about their competitive state.But then a third sharp questions raised by Japanese journalists directly, by the Japanese journalists directly to Li Xiaopeng challenged: “after playing a game on the Japan, now can say Japan for the new national coach and tactics is nothing, but the Chinese team has found out the Japan all tactics and routines, feel particularly valuable you China beat us?”As a result, Li Xiaopeng directly threw him a word: “What is the key to football?It’s the overall quality of the players and the quality of the team on the pitch, not the knowledge of the opponent before the game.As a head coach, what Li xiaopeng can promise is that he will lead the team to focus on himself tomorrow and instill his understanding and attitude towards football into the players. Whether the team can win depends on the players’ performance on the spot.”The fourth question, he was also asked by a reporter at that time, if China lost to Japan, it would be impossible for the national football Team to compete for the top three, and there was only a flicker of hope for the third place. Do you want to compete for three points or do you have other ideas?And Li Xiaopeng firmly said: “There is still a glimmer of hope for the National football team. Since there is such a glimmer of hope, all my tactics will be made around this glimmer of hope for promotion.”In addition, captain Wu Xi also answered a question about the situation in the last match, when China almost drew with Japan. He said that the last match now they don’t care about the game, tomorrow’s match, all they want is to calm down and play the game, relaxed.Li Xiaopeng answer the four questions is, so to speak, first, eq is very high, for a showdown with Japan, for overseas naturalization players have their own ideas, but more importantly Li Xiaopeng mentioned to retain a glimmer of hope, around qualifying hopes to develop tactics, that is why, xue-peng li and li3 tie3 style is different,Even the system is different.Li Xiaopeng is likely to play 343, Li Tie is 532 turtle, but Li Xiaopeng is to show the sword with you, he also said to retain hope, and this game only from Japan to get points, you can not get points from Japan, there is no hope, so Li Xiaopeng still has ambition.Japanese reporters dug holes for him to say that The Chinese team has a big advantage, Japan has a disadvantage, because China knows Japan, Japan does not know China, the result of Li Xiaopeng directly to play back, the so-called advantage, after the court is not easy to say, all depends on the overall play of the players, and all depends on the overall strength.The implication is very clear, Japan’s overall strength is better than our China, don’t try to flatter the national football team before the match, the National football team will fight with Japan.At the same time, captain Wu Xi also gave his attitude, they also want to relax and enjoy the game, at least from the general’s statement, this time the National football team is ready to play, full of confidence.Of course, the bad news is that Wang Dalei this game is basically absent.National football team on Beijing, Japan 24 years ago, Li Xiaobao formal negotiations, never give up hope, full speed impact 24 years miracle Wu Xi did not show weakness Li Xiaopeng 4 issues thoroughly showdown